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INSTANT DOMES AND GREENHOUSES: 20 minutes set up! 8 to 18 feet diameter. Proven performance and reliability. Many models. Send $1.00 for cataloge. SHELTER SYSTEMS, POBox 67-HP, Aptos, CA. 95001 (408) 662-2821

SOLAR WATER HEATER. Closed loop, PV option. You install and save. Illustrated instructions, 96 page manual, $10.95. Save On Solar, Inc., Dept. HP, 6905 White Rabbit Road, Battle Creek, MI 49017.

JACOBS WIND ELECTRIC replacement parts, new blades, and blade-actuated governors. We make replacement parts, and have new blades, for most all wind generators, pre-REA to present models. Many used parts, too. Lots of used equipment available: wind generators, towers, both synchronous and stand alone inverters, batteries, Aermotor waterpumpers, and some PV's. Best prices on Trace inverters and Sovonics PV modules. Information: $1; specify interests. Lake Michigan Wind & Sun, 3971 E Bluebird Rd., Forestville, WI 54213 Phone: 414-837-2267. THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL: Rebuilt 4kw DWS wind generator with blade-actuated govenor: $2500 + shipping.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY EQUIPMENT CATALOG. Everything for stand alone power generation, PV's, Hydro-Electric, Wind Generators, Inverters, Water Pumps, Regulators, Refrigeration, Tools, Books, and much more. 92 pages with design guides. $3. US, $6. foreign: WESCO, Box 936-HP, REDWAY, CA 95560

JACOBS, BERGEY, WHIRLWIND, and WINCO Wind Generators, Kyocera Solar Systems, Trace Inverters, Towers, Batteries, Portable Generators, 12 Volt Converters, Pumps, and Light Fixtures. *We Build Custom-Built Wind and Solar Powered Homes. Built-Rite Construction, R.R. #3 Box 48, Ligonier, IN 46767.

THE ALTERNATIVE LAND ACQUISITION HANDBOOK provides you with 6 Ways to get land FREE or ALMOST FREE! Land Reclamation^Alaskan Homesteading^The Indian Homestead^Mining Claims^Tax Delinquent Land-Lost and^Forgotten Land! Send $20 to Ridgehaven POB 862 Glen Ellen, CA 95442

COMPLETE SOLAR ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS. We offer the EchoLite photovoltaic power package: designed to provide modular components for easy installation, secure mounting and quick access. Perfect for remote sites, homes, RV's & marine applications. Free Brochure. Sunwater: 219 Van Ness Ave. Santa Cruz CA 95060 408/423-2429

ENERGY SPECIALISTS Best Published Prices Anywhere. We carry a full line of ARCO Photovoltaic products, inverters, energy efficient appliances, Yamaha generators as well as hydro-electric equipment. SPECIAL: Solavolt, 9 watt panels, fully warranted, $80.00 plus tax & shipping. For your energy needs whether it be starting a system or expanding your existing power, contact us at area code (916) 392-7526 or write to P.O. Box 188710, Sacramento, California 95818. Catalogues are available for $5.00 each postage paid.

9" BRONZE PELTON WHEEL RUNNER. About 1-8 Kw output. Sacrifice $350.00. Eagle Shield Radiant Barrier, for info 509-738-2346

THE EAGLES NEST. Incredible view of Columbia River, 2 miles north of Kettle Falls, WA. NEW 3000+ sq. ft. custom, All Woods Home & large shop. Unique setting. 1 of 2 homes in 5 miles of riverfront. Garden, drilled well, power, phone, Rainwater system 2400 gal., many decks, thermo windows. Indescribable beauty and value. Future investment Bonanza. 509-738-2346 $96,000 owner contract.

32 V JACOBS WIND GENERATOR - 2400 Watt, new since rebuilt, solid state controller $1,500. Jay Greene, HALIBUT COVE, AK 99603 (907) 296-2241

EAGLE SHIELD™ Reduces cooling cost. Reduces heating cost. Easy to install (self or company). Guaranteed Satisfaction. Phone: 916-436-2761 Write: 13505 Old Hwy. 99-So., Grenada, CA 96038

SOLAR-MEXICO'S CABO OFFICE SCHEDULED TO OPEN OCTOBER 10TH If we can be of any assistance south of de border, please contact us at:

SOLAR-MEXICO, 20152 Cypress Ave. Unit B, Santa Ana, CA 92707 (714) 724-1155

ELECTRIC MOTOR, GENERATOR, AND TRANSFORMER WINDER-TROUBLESHOOTER offers free consultation. I'm also looking for a good job in an A.E. related field. Can redesign. Best to call 8-10 P.M. 713-723-4830 Pete Rainey

JACOBS TWIN MOTOR, 1500W. 32V. rebuilt generators, with control panel and stub tower, $500.00. John Beck, HC06, Box 9, Mandan, N. D. (701) 663-7399

DYNAMOTE INVERTER. 12 Volts D.C. Input Output 120 Volt AC 60 cycles 1800 Watts surge 2.5 Amps with cables $250.00 Cash. J. Burkholder, 10455 McClelland Road, Calhan, Colorado 80808 719-683-3022

CARETAKER WANTED for remote property in northern California. Free rent and small monthly stipend in exchange for work. References required. Inquire c/o Kahn, 78 Schooner Court, Richmond, CA 94804.

FOR SALE 2 Kohler 110 VDC generating plants 1500 W at 1000 RPM Model D SN's 24644 and 24645, 32V auto start. Look like unit on page 8 HP#4. They are in Ontario and not available until next spring. Probably only one operating unit can be made from the two. Write for details. Best offer. W.W. Kelly 307 Alliance St., Havre De Grace, MD 21078

120 WATT SPECIAL Complete ARCO Solar Electric System, 120 watts with mount and regulator. System pre-wired. Full warranty included, $799.00. Contact: ENERGY SPECIALISTS, P. O. Box 188710, Sacramento, California 95818.

THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS, Vols: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 24-29, 33-82; Best offer, one or all. Used Homesteading and How-To books, 1/2 to 2/3 off list price: Send $1 for current list. Also RCA 9" Color AC/DC TV, like new, $175. Goodier, Rt. 5, Box 137, Huntsville, AR 72740

FREE CATALOG OF 12-VOLT PRODUCTS! Plug into cig. lighter or clip directly to battery. Lantern, Vacuum, Hair Dryer, Chainsaw, Bug Zapper, Drill, Fan, VCR, Fry Pan, Microwave, Refrigerator, Toaster & many more! P.O. Box 664-HP, Holland, PA 18966. 1-215-355-0525

FREE MEGAWATTS! All-year creek has hydropower system! Quality built modern chalet is nestled on 20 forested acres in the foothills of the Cascades. Sequestered by national forest. Just $89,950 - Dan Dodge C-21 Points NW 1-800-521-6721.

40 W. 12 V. HELIOPOWER PV Panels $228.80. Equal savings on higher or lower watt models. 10 year warranty. All at cost + 10% plus shipping. Ron Becker, Box 396, Ruidoso, NM 88345

A. Y. McDONALD "SOLAR JET II" PUMP 1500DJ with jet ejector bolted on. For 4" diam or larger well. Incl control. Used 3 months. $950.00. Jean Smith, Star Route 55-0, Oroville, WA 98844 (509) 485 3900

ONAN 6.5 KW GENERATOR, (6.5 NH-3CR/8389), Battery, Solenoid, Strainer, Regulator, Muffler, Flex, Natural Gas or convert to Propane, never fired up, Brand New $3700 or BO, Sun, Wind & Fire, 7637 SW 33, Portland, OR 97219, 503-245-2661

DISTRIBUTORS WANTED - MULTI PURE DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS. Full or part time employment. Highly motivated individuals who would like an opportunity to make high commissions & bonuses marketing the finest product in its field. Call or write; HOME PURE WATER, Box 3457, Ashland, OR 97520, CALL CA 1-800-822-4447, ext.197, or USA 1-800-334-5543, ext 197, residence 503-482-1647.

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InverTech Alaska

ALASKAN ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SPECIALISTS SINCE 1985 Design • Components • Installation • ALASKAN References

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BOX 13168, Trapper Creek, AK 99683 •

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable energy is energy that is generated from sunlight, rain, tides, geothermal heat and wind. These sources are naturally and constantly replenished, which is why they are deemed as renewable.

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