All 120 vac Loads

Where the Bucks Went

□ Heliotrope Inverter

□ Engine/DC Generator

□ Kyocera Photovoltaic Panels

□ Trojan Batteries using gasoline or sunlight as power inputs. With fossil fuels we get noise, pollution and the way things were done. With PVs, we get silence, freedom and the way things are going to be. Let the future into your life & use the Sun's power.

• Don't be tempted to buy the least expensive system components. Your home power system should last for at least 10 years. System components designed with cost as their primary criteria are not going to last. Stick with equipment that has documented longevity, it will be cheaper over time, eventhough it costs more to initially buy.

• Seek help from experienced people when you specify & purchase your components. Details such as how many batteries, system voltage, how many PV modules, and what size inverter are critical to system efficiency and cost effectiveness. If you are in ANY doubt about the equipment

Number of PV modules in our system □ 10 Yr. Cost □ Initial Cost ♦ $/kWH.

• Feel good about your system. Through the use of renewable energy, you show the way to a clean & sane future we can all share. Give the Earth a break & use renewable energy!

you require, enlist the aid of those with the experience necessary to specify a system that meets your needs at the minimum cost.

• Learn all you can about your system and how to operate it. You are your own power company. The longevity and performance of your system depends on your involvement in its operation and maintenance. You'll have no one to blame, but yourself, if the lights go out.

• Consider the appliances that use or will use energy in your system. In home power systems, it is ALWAYS more cost effective to buy the most energy efficient appliances available. Appliances like RE refrigerators & fluorescent lighting will pay for themselves because of reduced power consumption.

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