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The Energy 2 Green Manual Has Everything You Need To Build Your Very Own Functional Windmill Or Solar Panel, Including: Detailed Schematics and Diagrams Showing You Precisely How To Build Your Solar Panels (generates up to 200-watts each) or Windmill (generates up to 1000-Watts!) Including the Precise Measurements You Need For Optimum Performance! Step-by-Step Instructions So Easy To Follow that Even High School Students Can Build Fully Functional Solar Panels and Windmills! Where To Find The Materials You Need For Your Solar Panels or Windmill! Installation Instructions To Hook the Solar Panel or Windmill Up To Your Home! Detailed Maintenance Instructions and Schedule for Your Windmill or Solar Panel! Read more...

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The Ultimate Consumers Guide To Wind Power

The Ultimate Consumers Guide To Wind Power is a manual guide that will take you through the nitty-gritty of wind power. The book contains over 200 pages with comprehensive instructions and material needed to build your own wind power mill. It is written in easy-to-understand language with simple steps that you will have a working wind power mill in your homestead in just a few days. This book will help you have a successful wind energy system to power your home each and every day. This book was authored by Jordan and Rick, a son and father. They decide to compile this manual after what befell them when they were trying to construct their own wind power mill. They built a turbine that broke and fall with just 30 mph winds, therefore losing money, time, and electricity. Lucky for you, and unlucky for them, it was their painful failure that made them create this guide so you don't go through the same mistakes as them. Read more...

The Ultimate Consumers Guide To Wind Power Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Jordan
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Wind Turbine Generator Features

Lowest noise emission high performance home power wind turbine available. Anodized Aluminum body with all stainless steel hardware Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron Permanent Magnets Lowest cost per Watt GUARANTEED High Power Density Generator Technology Rated 900 Watts Power Output at 28.8 mph Peak Output Power at 1300 Watts Start-up wind speed at 6 mph 12,24,48 Volt available Lightweight 34 lbs. 17kg 11ncludes 5 year warranty on Wind Turbine Operating System and 7 year warranty on AEROMAG Stealth-Acoustic Carbon Fiber Blades 2 Includes 7 year warranty on Wind Turbine Operating System and 10 year warranty on AEROMAG Stealth-Acoustic Carbon Fiber Blades

Hassle Wind Power

Rugged 18 blade Ampair 100 produces up to 100 Watts continuously, 24 Hours per day, at wind speeds from 8 to 100+ mph. No brakes or furling needed guaranteed at any windspeed Veteran of 3 years continuous Antarctic service. Roof mount is OK pole mount is better. Put it up, hook it up to the batteries and forget it

Wind Power Siting

Elliott Turbine Figure E12

For many people the idea of producing household electrical power from a wind turbine is a romantic notion, a dream that rarely becomes a reality. Still for others, especially those living far from an electrical line or experiencing outrageous utility bills, it becomes a necessity. There are thousands of homes across the country now being powered by a wind turbine or combination of wind and other alternative electrical power inputs. Each installation's success or failure depends heavily on planning and correct installation. It is the critical planning and siting stage of an installation that will be discussed in this article. Cars, boats, planes, power plants or garden tractors, these all have something in common, they are machines that produce useable work or power by consuming a fuel. The amount of work they do or power they produce is directly related to their size and how much fuel is available for their consumption. In the case of a wind turbine, its fuel is the wind. The power...

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JACOBS WIND ELECTRIC replacement parts, new blades, and blade-actuated governors. We make replacement parts, and have new blades, for most all wind generators, pre-REA to present models. Many used parts, too. Lots of used equipment available wind generators, towers, both synchronous and stand alone inverters, batteries, Aermotor waterpumpers, and some PV's. Best prices on Trace inverters and Sovonics PV modules. Information 1 specify interests. Lake Michigan Wind & Sun, 3971 E Bluebird Rd., Forestville, WI 54213 Phone 414-837-2267. THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL Rebuilt 4kw DWS wind generator with blade-actuated govenor 2500 + shipping. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY EQUIPMENT CATALOG. Everything for stand alone power generation, PV's, Hydro-Electric, Wind Generators, Inverters, Water Pumps, Regulators, Refrigeration, Tools, Books, and much more. 92 pages with design guides. 3. US, 6. foreign WESCO, Box 936-HP, REDWAY, CA 95560 JACOBS, BERGEY, WHIRLWIND, and WINCO Wind Generators, Kyocera Solar Systems,...

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WIND TURBINES SOLAR SYSTEMS WIND PV HYBRIDS TILT-UP-TOWERS TOWER TOP ADAPTERS BLADES Astropower - Unisolar - Kyocera - Solarjack & Sunrise submersible pumps - Thin-Lite - Concorde AGM batteries - Siemens - Two Seas Mounts - Solarex Crown batteries - Rolls-Surrette batteries - Trace - Statpower - Morningstar - BP Solar - Shurflo pumps - Exeltech - TriMetric - Zomeworks Southwest Windpower - Solar Converters Inc. - Heliotrope - Delta Lightning arrestors - Dankoff solar pumps - Invertrix - and many others.

Letters to Home Power

Please note, too, the poster that went out with every issue. It promised-- among other coming articles-- pieces on wind, water, solar, and methane power. And that was back when the rest of the world was telling us that all the streams have already been harnessed, solar energy was tried in the 30's and didn't work, wind power is just too much trouble, and what the hell is methane anyway Yeah, I'm kinda the guy who kicked off the whole modern alternative energy awareness but only because I grew up on a little family farm in Indiana where we just naturally had to make do and where the only electricity I had until I was seven years old (and moved to a different farm) was from a windplant (Marcellus Jacobs has since told me that he invented the electricity producing wind powered generator and he therefore has the right to name it and , by gadfries, it's not a windmill windmills pump water). But I digress. I started to say that our windplant was homebuilt and my dad even carved out simitar...

Daybreak Energy for Your

Wind Machine Info Needed I am a do-it-yourselfer. I have assembled my own PV panel from surplus 4 square cells which I got at a Hamfest. I also built a wind generator from an old permanent magnet generator from a gasoline power plant originally 2500 watts. I carved a prop from a 10 ft. 2 x 6 and built an air brake like the one used on Windchargers. It works great. I have started building a second wind generator but would like to build it so that it will automatically turn the the prop out of the wind when the wind speed reaches about 30 mph. instead of making an air brake. I have not been able to find any information on how this is done. If anyone could tell me how to do this or where to get information on how to do it I would appreciate it. Also for those on a low budget or who like to build your own equipment who need a voltage regulator or load diverter. I found a circuit in November 1987 Modern Electronics originally for a 120 volt battery charger but a PV or wind generator or...

Submission Suggestions

Windpower System The heart of our system, the Bergey BWC-1000, is an up wind, horizontal axis windplant which uses propeller blades that are rigidly attached to the alternator can, but are free to twist about their longitudinal axis. A pitch weight projects forward from the leading edge of each blade. As the RPM increases, the weight tends to twist the fiber glass blade toward a lower pitch angle, thereby improving aerodynamic performance. Bergey employs, what they call an Autofurl tail assembly which automatically turns the machine out of the wind, when speed exceeds 32 MPH. In one 23 1 2 hour period, we had average wind speeds of 76 1 2 MPH, with violent gusting, but the BWC-1000 handled it. when our electrical load would be the greatest, so it was where the emphasis was placed. Since the BWC-1000 will produce power at 9 MPH, it looked like we had a good location for wind power. Over the last 2 years, we've had to start the Kohler on the average of twice a year, so the system is...

Cross Ventilation in a Building

For simplicity, this investigation used a CFD program to calculate the pressure difference around the buildings and uses it as the boundary conditions for indoor airflow simulation. Ideally, the calculation should be performed for different wind directions under various wind speeds in a period suitable for natural ventilation, such as summer. Figure 12 illustrates the pressure distribution under the prevailing wind direction (southeast) and speed (3 m s). In order to correctly take the impact of the surrounding buildings into account, the computational domain is much larger than the one shown in the figure. Clearly, the pressure difference is the highest between the northern and southern fa ades. It is also interesting to note that the highest pressure difference is neither at the top floor nor at the bottom floor, but somewhere near the top, as shown in Figure 12b.

Wind related damage

A wind speed of 26 metres per second is not unusual in the UK and is often exceeded (this wind speed is described as 'storm' on the Beaufort Scale, which indicates wind force). Such a wind speed, which is becoming more frequent due to climatic change, will support a 50mm column of water. Therefore, any welted or folded joint or seam, any upstand or step, that is less than this height must be viewed with suspicion as there is every possibility that it will leak under high wind conditions.

Natural Ventilation Design

Air Movement Arrow

The design of natural ventilation in the demonstration building required data on indoor and outdoor airflow distributions. The wind rose in Beijing, as shown in Figure 3, indicated that in the summer the prevailing wind is from north and south. The corresponding mean wind speed is 1.9 m s. Figure 4 breaks the reference weather data in Beijing into different comfort categories. Although heating is an important issue in Beijing, buildings there also require cooling from June through August. However, the figure illustrates that the period of comfort can be increased substantially, and the level of mechanical cooling reduced, if mean air speed in the building is at least 2 m s through natural ventilation or internal overhead fans. Indeed, air-conditioning may not be necessary in Beijing if natural ventilation is combined with night cooling. Excess wind speed, however, is detrimental, causing discomfort to pedestrians. In Beijing, winter winds around some buildings can reach speeds of 14 m...

High Rise Residential Building Complex in Beijing

Highrise Center Green

As is the case with many downtown areas with skyscrapers, high-rise buildings sometimes create a wind tunnel effect that is very uncomfortable to pedestrians. The proposed design for Beijing Star Garden forms a wind tunnel effect on the site with prevailing winter winds from the north. Figure 9a shows the wind distribution on the site with a north wind from the right. There are a few places that have very high wind speeds (see red arrows in Figure 9a). The developers did not adopt our suggestion of lowering the building height and creating courts to eliminate wind tunnel problems and enhance contact between neighbors. Instead, they sought to change the shape of the four towers in the north to eliminate high wind spots. The new design used a different building shape to deflect the wind to the westward direction. Figure 9b shows the airflow distribution with a north wind under the new design of the four towers that reduces areas of high winds.

Renewable Energy Products

Introducing Wind Electric Systems from Southwest Windpower FREE ELECTRICITY FROM THE WIND Have you ever wanted to reduce or eliminate* your electric bill Now you can. Today's technology makes wind-powered electricity more affordable than ever before. Save money and help clean up the environment. Vie Wind Electric System supplies power to a personal power station, which directs electricity into your home before drawing power from the power company. The Wind Electric System reduces your monthly electrical bill by sending electricity directly into your home's power supply, reducing your draw from your power company. When the power company goes down, your batteries provide backup power. The personal power station includes Whisper Wind Turbine (1000 or 3000 watt), Tower, Sine-Wave Utility Tie Inverter, Battery Back-up System, Battery System Box, and Hardware Components. The Wind Electric Systems utilize the popular and reliable Whisper H80 or Whisper 175 wind turbines. Southwest Windpower...

Install A Proper Ground System

GROUND THE METALLIC FRAMEWORK of your PV array. (If your framework is wood, metallically bond the module frames together then ground them.) Be sure to bolt your wires solidly to the metal so it will not come loose, and inspect it periodically. Also ground antenna masts and wind generator towers.

Series I Simulations

And magnitude of internal heat gains, both of which strongly affect indoor temperatures. We estimated a wind-driven airflow of 7.5 ACH, deriving this value from nodal airflow equations and an estimate of both open-window area and wind speed at the building fa ade. We used a southerly wind of 0.5 m s, which was reduced from the annual mean meteorological value of 1.9 m s (Chen and Cai 1994) by the screening effect of neighboring buildings (Jiang et al 1999).

Sh 3045 Airfoil

Wind Generator Enertech 1800, 1,800 watt wild AC induction generator Starts generator at appropriate wind speed lightning protection included Starts generator at appropriate wind speed lightning protection included Measures wind speed Measures wind speed I decided to wire in a small light bulb and electric clock to the mercury solenoid in the control box. When the light goes on, I know the unit is running. The clock keeps track of the total time the generator runs. I check it every day, and by recording the hours of run time and the KWHs produced, I can see how efficient my production is. Later I'll use this data to fine tune the startup and shutoff wind speeds for the system. Wind speed control 70 days yr., 10+ mph average wind speed 140 days yr., 8 mph average wind speed Living next door to the local high school and junior high school has generated a lot of interest. Several classes have walked over and asked a lot of questions. I have a fact sheet about the unit that answers many...


Wind Generators Towers Batteries Charge Controllers Inverters Backup Generators Battery Chargers Site Evaluation Complete Systems Troubleshooting and Repair Service Surplus Military & Computer Grade Electronics And finally, we recently replaced our Trace C30A+ charge controller with the Solar Boost 50. Is this unit too big for our existing system We plan to add a few more panels and possibly an Air 403 wind generator next year. We are trying to figure out how charge controllers and diversion load controllers interact. We have a Trace PC-500 power centre, with a 60 amp PWM charge controller onboard, handling our 1,350 watts of PV power. A 1,500 watt Bergey wind turbine is also hooked up to the battery bank through the PC-500, but the turbine has its own charge controller. So both charge controllers are sensing the same battery bank.

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Design Tools

Wind Energy Building

Traditionally, many architects predict the airflow in and around buildings by using smart arrows, as shown in Figure 3. Drawing the airflow correctly requires a rich knowledge of fluid mechanics. Unfortunately in many cases, the predicted airflow pattern can be completely different from that in reality. Furthermore, the smart arrows cannot give the wind speed, or at least the reliable air speed, which is an important parameter for evaluating the benefits of natural ventilation and outdoor comfort. Chandra, Fairey and Houston (1983) developed a simple model for calculating the air exchange rate for natural cross ventilation. However, it is limited in that it can only be applied to buildings with simple geometry and surroundings. ideally a full-scale mockup is needed in order to satisfy both the Reynolds number that represents inertial force from the wind and the Grashov number that represents the buoyancy force. The experiment usually measures wind speed in the wind tunnel, and wind...


The prevailing winter winds in Beijing are from the north (Figure 39b). The site design therefore reduced wind speeds throughout the site by placing the tallest buildings on the northern edge of the site in order to block and divert winter winds from the north. A CFD model was used to verify the effectiveness of this design, and results shown in Figures 40 through 42 demonstrate that the winter air speed in the interior of the site was generally reduced by more than 50 percent on the exterior of the site.


The Agua Alegre is a wonderous and harmonious system. Brian Green and I spent the night aboard, safely tucked in her wooden belly. A small storm was brewing and the wind machine on the fantail was working overtime. As I went to sleep, thoughts of the power of the wind went through my mind. What a wonderful planet we live on. Nature is very kind to the Agua Alegre, she moves her through the water and supplies the energy to keep her batteries full. I had very pleasant dreams.


The infiltration rate for any given building is primarily a function of construction standards and the wind speed outside of the building. Without reductions in infiltration, the effect of the other specifications is not as significant. Placing taller buildings on the winter upwind side of the project could reduce the infiltration rate by reducing the local wind speed around adjacent buildings.

Zomeworks Ad

The primary power source for the Agua Alegre is the wind generator pictured below. This simple unit was hand made for the Agua Alegre's skipper, Mary Duffield, by her friend, Ted Baer (2120 N. Pacific Ave 61, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 or call 408-426-1304). The wind generator uses simple components like a bicycle wheel assembly and a permanent magnet DC generator to directly recharge the batteries. During the time I spent on board the wind generator was continually operating. Eventhough the generator only supplies a few amperes to the batteries, it is almost constantly operating. It supplies more than enough energy to light and maintain the boat when docked. In fact, while docked Mary doesn't even bother to plug into shore power. While sailing the wind generator produces enough energy for intermittent radar operation and constant operation of communication equipment. The second power source aboard the Agua Alegre is her diesel auxiliary engine. When operating, this engine spins a 50 ampere...

Steve Willey

We started our home power system and our home energy business with small scale wind electric wind generators, simply because solar was not quite available in 1974. We are located on a hilltop with no water power or other electrical source. Our wind is not particularly good here, in fact in late summer there is NO wind for many weeks at a time. Never the less, as our only option, any help from the wind seemed better than running an engine generator. The only wind electric generating systems considered were those designed to charge a 12 volt battery since storage was necessary in our stand alone system, 2 miles from the powerlines, and we already had a generator charged battery system. When there is a question of possible wind resources on a site, I recommend starting with photovoltaics, but less wattage than is planned for the finished system size. This can be used for immediate power needs while the wind is carefully analysed for the next full year. At the end of that time you will...


Nov. 10, '01 Pomona, CA. 2001 Southern California RE Expo, Pomona Fairplex. Exhibits, workshops, manufacturers, & vendors for wind power, EVs, inverters, solar cooking, solar pumping, green building, strawbale, solar electric, solar thermal, net metering, hydropower, fuel cells, & more. 888-647-6527

Stata Center

This investigation used a commercial CFD program (CHAM 2000) for the study. The CFD program allows one to read data from an AutoCAD file. This feature is very important because of the complicated geometry of the buildings. Similar to a wind tunnel, CFD requires detailed information on the surroundings of the Stata Center in order to calculate the airflow. The surrounding buildings can either block or enhance the wind speed around the center. The computational domain for the building and surroundings is shown in Figure 5b. The domain length is about five times that of Stata Center in the four horizontal directions (or 100 times the Stata Center area size). The wind distributions around Stata Center were calculated for the north, east, south, and west wind directions with a typical wind speed for each direction. Figure 6 shows the wind distribution around Stata Center with an east wind. This study used about one million grid points the study required three days of computing time on a...

Wind Data

To design naturally ventilated buildings and or comfortable outdoor environments, the first step is to obtain reliable wind information, such as wind speed and direction. For example, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory derived a set of typical meteorological weather data for 229 stations throughout the United States and its territories (Marion and Urban 1995). The database provides hourly wind speed and directions that can be used directly in natural ventilation and outdoor comfort design. Rather than accounting for every hour in a full reference year, a designer should analyze the data and divide it into eight directions (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, and NW) for several wind speeds (e.g., Beaufort number 7, where Beaufort number classifies wind as 0 for calm to 12 for hurricane). The weather data can also be used to determine the percentage of wind for each direction and speed combination (32 in total). The total number can be reduced, eliminating those with very low probabilities....

WindPV System

I have been a renewable energy buff since the 1974 energy crisis. Windmachines for generating electrical power always fascinated me. In 1974, I bought a 200 Watt 12 Volt windcharger and installed it on a 35 foot steel tower. It generated a small amount of power for the house. At the time, I had 5 24V aircraft 35 Ampere-hour batteries (wired in series to produce a pack of 130 VDC). The batteries fed a 1kW. rotary converter, 130 VDC in and 120 vac out, which ran the house. The 12V output of the wind charger fed a 12V to 120V, 150 watt Tripplite inverter which in turn fed a rectifier driven by a small auto transformer to boost the voltage up high enough to charge the 130V battery. The system sounds good, but was very inadequate. It was fine for first few hours, but the energy input to the batteries was extremely low. The windcharger mainly kept wind recording records over the years. I used an old G.E. chart recorder to record the 12V output whenever the wind blew. The tower was too...

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JACOBS WIND ELECTRIC replacement parts, new blades, and blade-actuated governors. We make replacement parts, and have new blades, for most all wind generators, pre-REA to present models. Many used parts, too. Lots of used equipment available wind generators, towers, both synchronous and stand alone inverters, and Aermotor waterpumpers. Best prices on TRACE inverters. Information 1 specify interests. Lake Michigan Wind & Sun, 3971 E Bluebird Rd., Forestville, WI 54213 Phone 414-837-2267. ALTERNATIVE ENERGY EQUIPMENT CATALOG. Everything for stand alone power generation, PV's, Hydro-Electric, Wind Generators, Inverters, Water Pumps, Regulators, Refrigeration, Tools, Books, and much more. 92 pages with design guides. 3. US, 6. foreign WESCO, Box 936-HP, REDWAY, CA 95560 1 watt WIND GENERATORS, windmills, WATERLESS COMPOSTING TOILETS, PV's, DC MOTORS, Grain Mills, Inverters, Well Pumps, Refrigerators, Hydro, Tankless & Solar Water Heaters. Cordless ELECTRIC TRACTORS mow 3 acres on a...

So Lets Change

It is unclear why home-sized water power, in particular, is so little known. It is true that other forms of comparable energy sources receive far more attention. The supreme reliability of photovoltaics and the romance of wind power are well established. Somehow the use of residential sized hydro-power has been largely overlooked. Part of this is likely due to the sound of the output figures. Although a water power system may produce 100 watts of power 24 hour per day, it sounds like so much less than a PV (or wind) system that has a peak output of 1,000 or 2,000 watts. Yet the water system could easily produce more total power output over a given time span. And be much cheaper.

Climatic Strategies

General climatic strategies for building in the Beijing area took into account several local environmental factors. Winter heat loss, mainly caused by infiltration, is a persistent problem in other, comparable residential developments in the area. Reduction of heat loss due to infiltration can be primarily addressed on the level of craft skills and construction techniques employed by the local builders. The MIT design team also responded to this problem by reducing the winter wind speed within the site through architectural planning. Any reduction in the winter heating load has substantial benefits to the end users, as winter heating bills for existing homeowners are very high, sometimes as much as 25 percent of one's salary.


Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) workshops. April 6-7, Wind Power for Rural Areas. May 5, Basic PV. May 6, Intermediate PV. May 26, Solar Hot Water Installation. June 10, Solar Water & Space Heating. June 11-15, Utility Intertie Wind Installation. June 16-20, Advanced PV installation. Call for cost, locations, instructors, & further workshop descriptions. Significant others half price. MREA, 7558 Deer Rd., Custer, WI 54423 715-592-6595 Fax 715-592-6596 mreainfo

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Renewable Energy 101

Renewable energy is energy that is generated from sunlight, rain, tides, geothermal heat and wind. These sources are naturally and constantly replenished, which is why they are deemed as renewable. The usage of renewable energy sources is very important when considering the sustainability of the existing energy usage of the world. While there is currently an abundance of non-renewable energy sources, such as nuclear fuels, these energy sources are depleting. In addition to being a non-renewable supply, the non-renewable energy sources release emissions into the air, which has an adverse effect on the environment.

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