A23 Solar Heating and Cooling Programme

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The Solar Heating and Cooling Programme was one of the first IEA implementing agreements to be established. Since 1977, members have been collaborating to advance active solar, passive solar and photovoltaic technologies and their application in buildings.

A total of 36 tasks have been initiated, 27 of which have been completed. Each task is managed by an operating agent from one of the participating countries. Overall control of the programme rests with an executive committee comprised of one representative from each contracting party to the implementing agreement. In addition, a number of special ad hoc activities - working groups, conferences and workshops - have been organized. The tasks of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme, both completed and current, are as follows. Completed tasks:

1 Investigation of the Performance of Solar Heating and Cooling Systems

2 Coordination of Solar Heating and Cooling Research and Development

3 Performance Testing of Solar Collectors

4 Development of an Insolation Handbook and Instrument Package

5 Use of Existing Meteorological Information for Solar Energy Application

6 Performance of Solar Systems Using Evacuated Collectors

7 Central Solar Heating Plants with Seasonal Storage

8 Passive and Hybrid Solar Low Energy Buildings

9 Solar Radiation and Pyranometry Studies

10 Solar Materials Research and Development

11 Passive and Hybrid Solar Commercial Buildings

12 Building Energy Analysis and Design Tools for Solar Applications

13 Advance Solar Low Energy Buildings

14 Advance Active Solar Energy Systems

15 Photovoltaics in Buildings

16 Measuring and Modelling Spectral Radiation

17 Advanced Glazing Materials for Solar Applications

18 Solar Air Systems

19 Solar Energy in Building Renovation

20 Daylight in Buildings

21 Building Energy Analysis Tools

22 Optimization of Solar Energy Use in Large Buildings

23 Active Solar Procurement

24 Solar Assisted Air Conditioning of Buildings

25 Solar Combi-systems

26 Performance of Solar Fa├žade Components

27 Solar Sustainable Housing.

Ongoing tasks:

28 Solar Crop Drying

29 Daylighting Buildings in the 21st Century

30 Advanced Storage Concepts for Solar Thermal

31 Systems in Low Energy Buildings

32 Solar Heat for Industrial Process

33 Testing and Validation of Building Energy Simulation Tools

34 Photovoltaics/Thermal Systems

35 Solar Resource Knowledge Management

36 Advanced Housing Renovation with Solar and Conservation.

To learn more about the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme, visit the programme website: www.iea-shc.org, or contact the Executive Secretary, Pamela Murphy, [email protected] MorseAssociatesInc.com.

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