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Introducing Wind Electric Systems from Southwest Windpower wnmmi

FREE ELECTRICITY FROM THE WIND! Have you ever wanted to reduce or eliminate* your electric bill? Now you can. Today's technology makes wind-powered electricity more affordable than ever before. Save money and help clean up the environment.

Vie Wind Electric System supplies power to a personal power station, which directs electricity into your home before drawing power from the power company.

Many States also offer "buy-down programs" that discount up to 60% of the system cost. See our website for more details.

The Wind Electric System reduces your monthly electrical bill by sending electricity directly into your home's power supply, reducing your draw from your power company. When the power company goes down, your batteries provide backup power.

The personal power station includes: Whisper Wind Turbine (1000 or 3000 watt), Tower, Sine-Wave Utility Tie Inverter, Battery Back-up System, Battery System Box, and Hardware Components.

The Wind Electric Systems utilize the popular and reliable Whisper H80 or Whisper 175 wind turbines.


Southwest Windpower is proud to announce that Models Air 403 Land, Marine and Industrial Wind Turbine Generating Systems now comply with a safety and design requirements as outlined in IEC 61400-2 and have earned the right to bear the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Classification Mark. For more information on UL, its services, or UL product certification, visit their Web site at

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Solar Power

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