batteries are securely mounted in waterproof cases, low and in the stern of the boat. Placement of batteries in any moving vehicle, especially sailboats, is critical. Since the batteries are very heavy, they should be located as low as possible and as close to the vehicle's center of gravity as possible.

The System

The Agua Alegre is a wonderous and harmonious system. Brian Green and I spent the night aboard, safely tucked in her wooden belly. A small storm was brewing and the wind machine on the fantail was working overtime. As I went to sleep, thoughts of the power of the wind went through my mind. What a wonderful planet we live on. Nature is very kind to the Agua Alegre, she moves her through the water and supplies the energy to keep her batteries full. I had very pleasant dreams.


A car designed & built by Dartmouth College students will compete in the 4th annual running of the Tour de Sol, a 6 day race for solar powered vehicles from Zurich to Lausanne, Switzerland, ending July 3, 1988. The PVs for the vehicle are standard models from Heliopower, Inc., Piscataway, NJ. Call 201-980-0707 for more info.

The Agua Alegre under the wind's power, outward bound from Santa Cruz.

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable energy is energy that is generated from sunlight, rain, tides, geothermal heat and wind. These sources are naturally and constantly replenished, which is why they are deemed as renewable.

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