The Cost

Fees for inspecting homes generally vary according to contract price and geographical area, and sometimes according to age, size and construction of the house. Assuming the home you're interested in is a fairly typical residential property, you should expect to pay, on average, between $250 and $300. Inspections in large metropolitan areas where homes are more expensive—for example, New York City and San Francisco— may cost more.

An inspector may charge one fee for all homes under $150,000, for example, and bill for inspecting those over that amount on a sliding scale according to price. Inspectors may do specialized tests—such as those for radon or lead—for an additional fee. Inspecting very new or very old homes may take more time, which is reflected in the charge. Inspections on Sundays, holidays and after hours, and those that require any long-distance travel, also are likely to command premiums.

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