Temporary Listing Contract

If you think a particular agent has a buyer who might not see or buy your house without the agent's cooperation, you might be persuaded to give the agent a shot at selling your house, but for less than a 6% commission. This calls for a short-term, custom-tailored listing agreement.

Tell the agent to come alone to your house (even if the prospective buyer just waits in the car at the curb) and sign a temporary listing agreement that contains the name of the agent, the amount of the commission (generally just 2% or 3%, because you've done most of the work yourself), the name of the prospective buyer and the asking price for this particular transaction. To cover the commission you're going to pay if the deal goes through, the price will probably be higher than what you've been asking for a fizzbo transaction.

Be professional and direct: You should limit the

Some situations may call for a short-term, custom-

tailored listing agreement.

If you are willing to pay 3% to an agent who brings in the final buyer, you should let other agents know.

time an agent has to bring you a purchase offer from this buyer, so the agreement—covering only the specifically named buyer—should be valid for only one or two days at most.

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