First Impressions Count

Here are some simple things you can do to ensure that your home makes a great, overall first impression:

Start with a curb-to-door cleanup. Prune shrubs and tree branches, edge the lawn and keep it mowed, and, if the season permits, add a show of color with annual bedding plants. Paint the front door and put out a new welcome mat.

nside, make your home look as spacious as possible. Get rid of everything extraneous, admit as much daylight as possible, and keep things shipshape. Inventory what you want to sell, give away or throw away when you move. Then do so before you begin showing your home. Clutter turns buyers off, so empty out crammed closets, pack away extra books and rarely used china, and sort out attic and basement storage spaces to avoid the flea-market look. Put things in commercial storage if that's what it takes.

Depersonalize your space. Reduce distractions, and help would-be buyers visualize making themselves at home. Tuck away the family pictures covering your bedroom wall. The display of family roots may fascinate some shoppers and embarrass others. A home that appears to be stamped indelibly with your personality and style can be harder to sell.

Remove obvious clues to your political, religious and social sentiments. Store away banners, bumper stickers and partisan literature, including magazines.

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