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There's no better way to improve your woodworking skills than to learn shop tips from the experts. When you apply the tips, expect the finished quality of your next project to soar. For your convenience, we've organized the tips by subject categories.

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router tame

When you mount a router under a table, you make this already-versatile tool even more useful. To help you take advantage of this potential, we assembled five router-table techniques guaranteed to make you a better woodworker. You'll see that a well-equipped router table not only saves you time, it can save you money by standing in for other tools.

Don't have a router table? Think you don't have room for one? Take a look at the plan at woodmagazine.com/routertable. It's easy to build and a breeze to use.

Cutting a spline slot is simple with this setup. Start at the right-hand stopblock, lower the workpiece onto the support guide, and slide it to the left stopblock.

Wood Working 101

Wood Working 101

Have you ever wanted to begin woodworking at home? Woodworking can be a fun, yet dangerous experience if not performed properly. In The Art of Woodworking Beginners Guide, we will show you how to choose everything from saws to hand tools and how to use them properly to avoid ending up in the ER.

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