Using commercial sawhorse brackets

A pair of metal sawhorse brackets can help you transform a couple of 2-by-4s and l-by-3s into a sturdy sawhorse, like the one shown at right. Saw the legs and crosspiece from 2-by-4s, then cut a bevel at the bottom of the legs so they will sit flat on the floor. Fit the legs into the bottom of the brackets, insert the crosspiece and spread the legs; the brackets will grip the crosspiece and stabilize the horse. Screw the brackets to the legs and cross-piece. For added stability, add braces and a stretcher. The braces are cut from l-by-3s and screwed to the legs, making sure that the ends are flush with the outside faces of the legs. For the stretcher, cut a l-by-3 to size and screw it between the braces.

Sawhorse Plans 2x4

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