Tool Stands And Tables

Held upside down in a commercial table, a router becomes a stationary tool. Here, it is cutting a groove for a sliding dovetail joint. Many woodworkers consider the router table to be the single most important accessory you can add to your tool.

A stand or table can transform a portable power tool into a reasonable facsimile of a full-size stationary machine. What they concede in power to their larger cousins, bench-mounted tools compensate with portability, ease of storage, and lower price.

There are commercial stands for benchtop tools, but you can easily build a stand like the one shown below. Storage shelves and drawers can be added to customize the basic design. There is one requirement, however: Ensure the stand s surface area is large enough for your needs and that it supports the tool at a comfortable height. The extension router table shown opposite not only converts a router into a mini-shaper, but can be easily removed when it is not needed. A more elaborate, but versatile option is illustrated on page 136. The three-in-one portable power tool table features replaceable inserts for a router, an electric drill, and a saber saw.

Because of its central role in woodworking, the router merits a dedicated table in most shops. The shop-built benchtop version illustrated on page 139 allows you to take advantage of this tools great versatility.

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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