Electrical sweeps for right-angle joints

If you use PVC pipe for your dust collection system, substitute 90┬░electrical sweeps (far right) for conventional 90┬░ elbows (near right) to reduce friction and Increase the efficiency of your system. Available at electrical supply houses, these fittings feature a 24-inch radius curve, which is much gentler than the 5- to 10-inch radius curve of standard elbows.

Choosing between single-and two-stage collectors

Two basic types of dust collectors are available for home workshops: single- and two-stage machines. In single-stage collectors (above, left), debris- and dustladen air is drawn through an impeller, where cyclone action deposits heavy dust and debris into the waste container below while the lighter dust rises to the dust bag. Single-stage collectors are relatively loud and the dust and debris tend to wear out the bag and impeller quickly. In two-stage collectors (above, right), the impeller is located above the inlet duct so the heavier particles drop into the waste container before any air passes through the impeller and bag. This is quieter, and reduces wear on the impeller and dust bag. Two-stage collectors are-somewhat more difficult to clean.

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