Installing A Tail Vise

1 Installing the vise hardware

To install a tail vise on a bench with a sliding dog block, position the vise collar against the right-hand side end cap and outline the hole for the vise screw. Then set a support board on the drill press table and clamp the end cap on top of it. Fit the drill press with a spade bit slightly larger than the vise screw and bore a hole through the end cap (near right). Screw the vise collar to the end cap so the two holes line up. Next, secure the sliding dog block end-up in handscrews and clamp the handscrews to a work surface. Position the vise flange on the block and mark its screw holes. Bore a pilot hole at each mark, then screw the flange to the block (far right).

2 Assembling the vise

Fit the sliding dog block in the bench so the hardwood keys in the block run in the grooves in the sides of the rail. Thread the vise screw through the vise collar, test-fit the end cap on the bench-top and lock the ball joint on the end of the screw into the vise flange. Set the front apron in position against the dog blocks (left) and test the movement of the vise by turning the screw. If the sliding block binds, remove the end cap, apron, and sliding dog block, and ease the fit by paring the keys with a chisel. Once you are satisfied with the vise's movement, attach the aprons, end caps, and trays following the procedures outlined on page 55.

Fixed dog block


Guide rod bushing

Face block

Support block


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