Building The Base

The base of a workbench typically consists of two rectangular frames connected by a pair of stretchers. The frames are essentially identical, each with a foot, an arm, and two legs. The arm of the left-hand frame is sometimes about 3 inches longer than the other arm to provide additional support for the face vise.

For a bench like the one shown on pages 48 and 49, use 8A maple (VA inches thick after surfacing). The feet, arms and legs are made from two boards apiece face-glued together, and then reduced to the proper thickness on the jointer and planer. If you wish to build the base with mortise-and-tenons, cut four-shouldered tenons at the end of the legs and rout matching mortises in the feet and arms. Tenons are also cut at the ends of the stretchers with mortises required in the legs. The illustration

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