Building a handsaw storage rack

The handsaw storage rack shown at left saves space by storing saws upright. The handles fit on pieces of wood the same shape as the hole in the handle. The blocks are mounted to a holder that slides in grooves cut in the top and bottom of the box. Cut the parts of the box to size, then equip your table saw with a Vi-inch dado blade. To accommodate the outside saw holders, cut Vi-inch-deep grooves 2lA inches from each end of the top and bottom. Saw another groove on each piece centered between the first two for the third saw holder. Screw the top and bottom to the sides, then tack the back in place. Trace the outline of the hole in each saw handle on a block of wood and cut out the piece. Glue and screw it to the saw holder, then screw a pivoting piece of wood to the top of the block to serve as a turnbuckle that will keep the saw in place when it is being stored. Use a saber saw or a band saw to cut handles in the holders to make it easier to slide the saws in and out of the box. Place them at staggered heights so they do not Interfere with each other. The dimensions shown will make a box that can hold saw three saws. If you want to store more saws, simply make the top and bottom wider and space additional grooves 1% Inches apart.

Pegboard Handtool Storage

5aw holder



Build a wall-mounted rack for handsaws with a few wood scraps, doweling, and some rubber hose. Cut the base from Vb-inch plywood and the dividers from 4-by-4 stock; the dividers should be 10 inches long. Cut a taper at the end of each 4-by-4, as shown at right. Screw a 2-by-4 along one edge of the base, then screw the dividers in place, leaving a Vfe-inch gap between them. The stoppers are cut from 4-inch lengths of Vfe-inch dowel and slightly larger rubber hose; use hose with ridges rather than smooth garden hose. Slip a saw into the rack from below, then tug down on the handle. The stopper will pinch the blade in place. Mark the dowel's position and screw it to the base.

Hand Saw Handle

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