Tool Cupboard

The cupboard above features twin doors for storing small, light tools like chisels and screwdrivers, as well as a large main compartment for bigger tools. Cut the components from inch plywood or lumber to the appropriate size, depending on the number of tools you own; the cupboard shown above is 48 inches square and 5 inches deep with 3-inch-deep doors. Next, assemble the cupboard using the joinery method of your choice. A through dovetail joint is one of the strongest and most visually pleasing options. But you could choose a method as simple as counterbored screws concealed underwood plugs, as shown above.

To help you install the shelves, lay the cupboard on its back and place the tools to be stored in their designated spots. Position the shelves accordingly and screw them in place. To keep supplies from rolling off a shelf or the bottom of the doors, glue a ledge along the front edge. If you want to subdivide a shelf, screw 1-by-l cleats across it or install vertical dividers between the shelves.

Equip one or both doors with slotted shelves to hold tools like chisels and screwdrivers. Bore a series of holes slightly smaller than the tool handles, then saw a kerf from the edge of the shelf to the hole to enable you to slip in the blade. Screw the shelves to the door.

Hang the doors on the cupboard with butt or piano hinges. Use three butt hinges per door. Mount the cupboard to the wall above your workbench, if desired, by screwing it to the wall studs.

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