Power Tools

Building a handsaw storage rack

Hand Saw Handle

The handsaw storage rack shown at left saves space by storing saws upright. The handles fit on pieces of wood the same shape as the hole in the handle. The blocks are mounted to a holder that slides in grooves cut in the top and bottom of the box. Cut the parts of the box to size, then equip your table saw with a Vi-inch dado blade. To accommodate the outside saw holders, cut Vi-inch-deep grooves 2lA inches from each end of the top and bottom. Saw another groove on each piece centered between...

Anatomy Of A Workbench

Build Heavy Workbench

The workbench shown at right is patterned after a traditional cabinetmaker's bench, and is crafted from solid maple. The bench incorporates two vises considered to be standard equipment a face vise on the front, left-hand end of the bench, and a tail vise with a sliding dog block mounted on the opposite end. You can build such a workbench from a kit supplied with materials and instructions. You can buy the plans for a bench and order the materials yourself. Or, you can follow the instructions...

Making a wooden bench dog

Bench dogs can be crafted from hardwood stock the one shown at left uses an angled wooden tongue as a spring. Cut the dog to fit the holes in your workbench, then chisel out a dado from the middle of the dog. Saw a short kerf Into the lower corner of the dado, angling the cut so the tongue will extend beyond the edge of the dado. Cut the tongue from hardwood, making it about as long as the dado, as wide as the dog, and as thick as the kerf. Glue the tongue in the kerf.

Folddown Workbench And Tool Cabinet

Fold Down Workbench Plans

Ideal for small workshops, the storage cabinet shown below and opposite features a door that serves double-duty as a sturdy work surface that folds up out of the way when it is not needed. Mounted on a frame that is anchored to wall studs, the unit is built with an adjustable shelf and a perforated hardboard back for organizing and hanging tools as well as a work table supported by folding legs. The cabinet-bench can be made entirely of -inch plywood, except for the legs and leg rail, which are...

Bench Dogs And Hold Downs

Tail Vise Wood

Bench dogs are as important as vises in maximizing the flexibility and utility of a well-designed workbench. A set of bench dogs works like a second pair of hands to secure workpieces for planing, chiseling, mortising, carving, or other woodworking tasks. Although the bench dog looks like a deceptively simple peg, it incorporates design features that enable it to hold a workpiece firmly without slipping in its hole. One feature usually is a thin metal spring attached to one side that presses...