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Helen Whitfield brings you the definitive ebook about ideas for your lawn and home. You will get all the best ideas to make the most beautiful landscape for your own lawn, with personalized tips for your unique type of lawn. Far too many landscapers prefer to overcharge you rather than give you a good deal on your lawn. Do not let these people rip you off; go ahead and learn the tips that they already know to be able to make the best lawn that you possibly can! It takes less effort than you might think to make an awesome lawn And you do not have to shell out massive amounts of money to get your lawn looking like something right out of a magazine. This ebook answers all of the questions that you might have about landscaping, and gives you all of the ideas that you need to make a great lawn of your own! More here...

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This e-book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Flemish Garden Wall Bond

Brick Wall Corners With Rendered Wall

Flemish garden wall bond Garden wall bonds are easier to lay. In 'true' bonds headers must be exactly the right length If the wall Is to have a fair face both sides. In garden wall bonds, with their fewer headers, waste Is reduced. Top left - Flemish bond. Bottom left - English bond. English Garden Wall bond is often found on side and rear elevations. Top left - Flemish bond. Bottom left - English bond. English Garden Wall bond is often found on side and rear elevations. English bond produces a stronger wall, although Flemish bond tended to be considered the more aesthetically pleasing. In the Victorian period a number of other bonds were developed including more economical, but less stable, garden wall versions of English and Flemish bond. Despite their name garden wall bonds were often used in houses, although they were usually confined to side or rear walls and were often rendered.


Landscaping is a natural and beautiful way to keep your home more comfortable and reduce your energy bills. In addition to adding aesthetic value and environmental quality to your home, a well-placed tree, shrub, or vine can deliver effective shade, act as a windbreak, and reduce overall energy bills. sunlight absorbed by your home's roof, walls, and windows. Dark-colored home exteriors absorb 70 to 90 of the radiant energy from the sun that strikes the home's surfaces. Some of this absorbed energy is then transferred into your home by way of conduction, resulting in heat gain inside the house. In contrast, light-colored surfaces effectively reflect most of the heat away from your home. Landscaping can also help block and absorb the sun's energy to help decrease heat buildup in your home by providing shade and evaporative cooling. Landscaping Tips Dependent on Geographic Area Orientation of the house and surrounding landscaping has a large effect on energy consumption. A...

Lowvoltage Outdoor Lighting

Conduit House Wiring Materials

An alternative to 120-volt outdoor landscape lighting is to purchase and install a low-voltage outdoor wiring kit These kits have several advantages over 120-volt lighting systems. They are safe and easy to install, use less energy, and don't require complicated hazard precautions. You can buy kits with low-profile fixtures to illuminate your deck, tier or globe lights for landscaping or lining paths, or flood-lamps to illuminate a larger area. Yard size, landscape design, and your layout plan will influence the type and number of kits or fixtures you buy After you decide where to place the lights, measure the distance from the control box to each lamp location to determine how much cable you will need Before starting, check to see if local codes have specific requirements for low-voltage installations. Also, if you are doing landscaping, install outdoor lighting before laying sod.

Materials And Sources

A sophisticated irrigation system reuses gray-water from the sinks, showers, dishwasher, and clothes washer, as well as stormwater diverted to a 3,500-gallon below-grade cistern. The collected water is pumped as needed to a surface irrigation system that uses Web-based weather telemetry to determine when to irrigate a rooftop garden and landscaped areas populated with native, drought-resistant plants. Plumbing fixtures include dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets and showerheads.

Lateral Pressure On Retaining Walls

Lateral Pressure Brickwork

A retaining wall that is too slender to withstand the pressures being applied against it will tend to bow or lean outwards. This is a defect that is commonly observed in garden walls that are retaining soil. It is often as a result of too little thought being given to the design implications of any external landscaping. A further cause can be the close proximity of trees. The growth of the root system over a number of years can lead to increasing lateral pressure on any adjoining retaining wall.

Defects In Timberframe Housing

Many of the reports highlighted defects that arose due to either mistakes and or ignorance, at both the design and construction stage. Other reports however raised more fundamental questions about inherent problems in the use of timber frame. However, it is clear that many of these reports, at least in the press, were related to faults that could have been found in any house type. Because they were also found in timber-frame houses the faults were erroneously linked to this construction method. For example, reference to rusting wall ties, missing thermal insulation, poorly supported water tanks and defective brick garden walls could all be found in contemporary articles about timber frame, written as though such defects were unique to the method of building.

Shenzhen Wonderland Phase Iv

Several factors influenced the final scheme designed by MIT. These included energy recommendations based on research of energy saving scenarios as well as urban design concepts, such as an interest in providing a variety of building and unit types. Due to the large size of the development, which was approximately five acres, the team sought to create clusters of areas, so that occupants would have a sense of neighborhoods within the context of a large gated development. The existing Shenzhen Wonderland development has ample landscaped areas, which provide places for the community to enjoy time outdoors (Figures 2-4). First-floor units have garden

Arrouf Abdelmalek Courtyard House

Attilio Petruccioli is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Dean of the School of Architecture at the Polytechnical University of Bari, Italy. From 1994-98 he was the Aga Khan Professor of Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Make a Dont Want List

Other buyers might also balk at buying your house if it's overimproved. A home may have great entertaining space, a swimming pool and extensive landscaping all features that are normally attractive to upscale buyers. But if the house is the only upgraded home in an area of ordinary homes, it will not be attractive to the typical high-income buyer. That makes it an interesting white elephant, and it could be a terrific bargain for you if you can negotiate the price down to reflect the home's wrong location, but such bargains can be deceptive sweet on the buying end and sour on the selling end.

Listening To The Land

Cross Creek Ranch, a 3,000-acre site in Fulshear, Texas, centers on the restoration of Flewellen Creek. Under the project, the stream is being recreated from an existing drainage way on-site. Landscape architecture firm SWA Group, in asso-cation with conservation planning firm Biohabitats, is re-creating native reforestation zones, prairie grassing areas, and wetlands planting zones. The sustainability movement is turning U.S. building-design norms on their head, in ways that go beyond LEED ratings and net zero energy buildings. The most fundamental principals of landscape architecture and site design analyzing the site and environment to holistically integrate it with development are beginning to resonate with developers, investors, and corporate users like never before. Why is the U.S. real estate industry now warming up to ideas long practiced in Europe and Asia Because it simply has become cheaper and smarter to do so.

Ecodesign As Economic Boon

Instead, home sites are situated among the natural contours, resulting in a design of rounded parcels atop gentle mounds or in small clusters. The homes and roadways complement the site, not carve it. Rather than introduce grass lawns, tree-lined streets, and flowerbeds, the project embraced its surroundings and was landscaped with native plants. By avoiding massive grading and introducing native plantings, the developer dramatically

Outdoor Living

T is now possible to make concrete driveways, pathways and patios a design element without the high cost of custom-made installations of such items as flagstones or slate, according to landscape designer Vera Bedard, Bedard, of Blasig Landscape Design of Maple Ridge, who captured a 2008 B.C. Landscape and Nursery Association Award for her work, said that while nothing replaces the natural look of real stone, the imitators are now amazingly realistic. Real flagstones and slate on a concrete base were installed in this local landscaping project. Each of the Brohm flagstones were ground to match precisely. Cost is around 60 per square foot, with much of the price related to labour. Lately, Bedard and other landscape designers have also been installing faux stone walkways and patios using Elite Crete, a new overlay option that arrived in the Vancouver area about two years ago.

Climatic Strategies

Additional climate concerns include water conservation and air quality. Water conservation was addressed by specifying landscaping practices that would encourage a slower release of storm water runoff and allow for a high level of aquifer recharge. Large grass-covered areas also added to the overall site surface permeability and helped to combat carbon dioxide emissions.


Living with the Sun Lecture series by AZ Solar Energy Assoc. History & current overview of concepts, design, applications, & technologies on solar heating cooling, architecture, landscaping, PV, & cooking. 7-9 pm, 1st Wed. of month at Glendale Foothills Branch Library, & 3rd Tues. of month at Scottsdale Redevelopment & Urban Design Studio. Jim Miller 480-592-5416

Customer Feedback

The Great Canadian Landscaping Company Ltd. I initially hired The Great Canadian Landscaping Company to re-seed the front yard as it was pretty mossy. It went very well so we hired them to do our lawn maintenance. We got them back last summer to landscape our back yard. They took out the grass and put in sod and redid our garden around the perimeter of the yard, even re-salvaged some plants to save us money. Chris noticed some empty planters and offered to fill them and even planted some bulbs for spring. They were beautiful Their quality of work is very good.

Model Leasebacks

The house was a fully furnished model with all of the furniture, all of the upgrades, and all of the landscaping in place and included. It was a beautiful property. What the builder wanted us to do was purchase the property outright, and then he would lease it back from us to use as a show home for prospective buyers. Typically the rental income is 1 percent of the purchase price per month a healthy return. However, the price the builder was asking was close to 300,000. We considered this too high for the area, based on comps, and so we opted out of that deal, but the concept was so fascinating that Gene immediately told Katie to start searching every builder in our target ZIP codes to find some model lease-backs. It didn't take long.


Extensive landscaping included grass, trees, and water to provide both positive psychological and recreational amenities. The landscaping was also helpful in making the development more sustainable. The large grass-covered areas, while both aesthetic and recreational, also added to the overall site surface permeability and helped to combat carbon dioxide emissions. Coniferous trees were strategically placed on the north side of the


Almost all of the developers, architects, and potential homebuyers encountered by the authors in China indicated that sustainable design was an important and desirable attribute of new homes. Developers have also included statements to that effect in their advertisements for new projects. In most cases however, the understanding of proper designs and technologies was severely limited. In some instances, developers and potential buyers limited their attention to visible attributes such as exterior landscaping. Designers need to understand what strategies will best meet a particular project's need. A program is needed to show them how new designs using relatively straightforward techniques can achieve substantial improvements. They must also understand how to structure the design process.

Tracking Humidity

If your house has a real problem with heat gain and you can't solve it with window shades and landscaping, it may be worth getting a central air system. Have an air conditioning contractor, technician or consultant come and look at your house they can be found in the Yellow Pages under heating or air conditioning.

Buyers Agents

We would go there and say, 'These are great ' Once the buying machine gained momentum, and once we understood which of our ZIP codes were the hottest, we didn't care. We just said, 'We want that ZIP code. The house is only three years old. Just get it. I don't need to drive by it or see what the landscaping is like. Just get it '

Tips for Relocation

Assess the look and feel of a community as you walk and drive around its neighborhoods. It can't be quantified, but it's important. Trees, shrubs, cul-de-sacs, curved streets and landscaping around small retail stores are good signs. But unless you already live there, you need to probe deeper.

Walls Brief History

In England and Wales the oldest domestic buildings still standing were originally constructed of stone, brick, or timber frame with infill panels - probably of wattle and daub, often replaced with brick. Few are older than the fourteenth century and from the eighteenth century onwards they are generally of brick or stone monolithic (solid wall) construction. Brick walls were initially constructed using a simple bond, eg garden wall bond incorporating alternate courses of stretchers and headers, but more sophisticated bonds were developed for thicker walls to enable greater loads and heights to be sustained, eg English and Flemish bonds. External cavity walls started to appear in the 1830s but were very uncommon until the twentieth century. After 1930 such walls are the normal form of construction for housing and it is extremely unusual to find solid external walls in buildings constructed since that date.


When new homes are landscaped, the shrubs are often intentionally planted very close to one another to produce an immediately pleasing effect. Many homeowners do not plant shrubs with the future appearance in mind. Consequently, as the shrubs grow and fill out, they tend to crowd one another, losing their individuality. Eventually, they become unsightly, with portions dying off due to lack of sunlight. In addition, the growing shrubs often block walkways and produce so much shade that the area around the house is always damp, a condition conducive to the growth of decay fungi and mildew. By extensive pruning of the shrubs and transplanting others (if you want to save them), the area can often be completely rejuvenated and restored to its original beauty. For some people, their dream house is one that is covered with ivy. Actually, vines of any type growing up the outside walls of a house are quite undesirable. If you see vines on the house, you should consider their removal.


Installing these systems in existing buildings is more costly and technically difficult. However, rainwater harvesting is gaining popularity for use in conjunction with existing buildings because it's feasible to implement an on-site treatment and reuse system to generate cooling tower makeup water or for use in landscaping, two applications that don't require installing new piping in the existing building. There also are opportunities in existing buildings for graywater reuse, a technology that involves both mechanical and landscape contractors, since most graywater captured and treated will be used on-site for landscaping.

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

How would you like to save a ton of money and increase the value of your home by as much as thirty percent! If your homes landscape is designed properly it will be a source of enjoyment for your entire family, it will enhance your community and add to the resale value of your property. Landscape design involves much more than placing trees, shrubs and other plants on the property. It is an art which deals with conscious arrangement or organization of outdoor space for human satisfaction and enjoyment.

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