The Legs

The actual length of the legs varies depending on where the rack is mounted, your latitude, and whether or not you want adjustability. The slant or pitch of a roof is another factor that determines the length of the legs. Let's consider the simplest case, that of mounting on a flat roof or on the ground. In this case the skids are horizontal and level with the ground. Figure 4 illustrates the geometry of this situation for adjustable racks for latitudes around 40°.

In the adjustable rack at 42° latitude, the legs are 3 feet, 4.25 inches long. Altitude adjustment is accomplished by unbolting the legs and repositioning them along the rack rails and mounting skids as shown in Figure 4. On a horizontal surface these 3+ foot legs allow adjustment of the angle between the rack and horizontal from 32° for Summer use, to 57° for Winter use. Twice yearly adjustments during the Spring and again in

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