System Operation

The batteries will store enough energy for 3.3 days of operation. On an average basis, the four PV panels extend this storage period to about 5 days between generator rechargings. This amounts to generator operation about every 4 days during the Winter months and about once a week during the Summer. John and Anita are putting some 1,100 hours yearly on their mechanical generator. This costs them about $30. per month in fuel and maintenance.

John and Anita are their own power company. They both watch their battery voltage and electrical consumption like hawks! Generating their own electricity has taught them the lessons of conservation and energy management. They are looking forward to completing their system by adding more PVs and more batteries. Four more PV modules will make them almost totally solar powered. This will reduce their operating expenses and allow them to use more energy. Anita has a washing machine on the back porch that she's giving the eye. Since the data was collected for this report, John has moved his refrigerator/freezer. This move from the warm kitchen to the much colder back bedroom has cut John's wintertime power consumption by about 40%. One such details the success or failure of AE systems rest.

John reports that no matter the season, he can leave his system unattended and be sure of ice cubes in the freezer & full batteries when he returns. Thanks to the four PV modules on the roof. Since the four modules only produce 12 Amps or so in full sun, there is no need for regulation. The full current output of the modules is about a C/50 rate, far too slow overcharge the hefty L-16 battery pack of 700 A-H.

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