Power Conversion

The Pryor's are using a Trace 1512 inverter with built-in battery charger. This inverter converts the DC energy produced by the PVs and stored in the batteries into conventional 120 VAC, 60 cycle house power. It has a rating of 1,500 Watts output. John purchased the built-in battery charger even though he now lacks the 120 VAC powerplant necessary to drive it. John is looking forward to the day when he will have a large AC generator to handle periods unusual power consumption.

The Trace contains a metering package that is very useful. John and Anita rely on this package for most of their system metering. This LED digital meter reads battery voltage, charge current from the built-in charger, and peak voltage plus frequency of any 120 VAC power source feeding the charger. This metering package is just the ticket for generator users. They can adjust the frequency of their powerplants using this meter's information. The Trace's battery charger accepts 120

VAC from a powerplant and recharges the batteries. John now has a small 650 Watt, 120 VAC Honda generator, but it lacks the power to effectively run the 80 ampere charger in the Trace inverter. The best it can manage is about 27 Amps into the batteries. This inverter cost John and Anita $1,458. with the optional charger and metering package.

John and Anita have nothing but praise for their Trace inverter.

It powers all the AC appliances they brought with them to their mountain home. John likes the way he can use his wall full of stereo and video equipment. Anita spends many hours working with her sewing machine. All these appliances are standard 120 VAC household models. The Trace inverter makes their operation possible and efficient on PV produced, battery stored, DC energy.

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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