Flowlight Lowpower Well Pumps Pump Slowly Throughout The Solar Day For Highest Efficiency And Economy

"SLOWPUMP" draws from shallow water sources and pushes as high as 450 vertical ft. It also fits into deep well casings where the water level remains stable. Many models available, 35 to 300 Watts. SLOWPUMPS have a 5 year history of proven reliability, worldwide.

"MICRO-SUBMERSIBLE" raises water from deep wells. Max. lift measured from water surface: 100 ft. Runs directly from a single 35 Watt solar module! or from any battery system.

"FLOWLIGHT BOOSTER PUMP" provides "TOWN PRESSURE" for home use with minimal energy drain. Far cheaper and more effective than an elevated tank. 12 or 24 volt DC power requirement reduces or eliminates inverter needs.

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