Electrical Power Usage

The Pryor's household represents a fairly standard consumption profile for two people living on alternative energy. Their appliances include a 12 VDC electric refrigerator/freezer, a 12 VDC B/W TV set, 120 VAC lighting, 22" color 120 VAC TV, 120 VAC Video Cassette Recorder, 120 VAC Sewing Machine, various 120 VAC kitchen and household appliances. A detailed profile of how John & Anita use their homemade electricity is in the column graph shown in Figure 1.

The vertical axis of the graph is calibrated in Watt-hours per day, while the horizontal axis details the various appliances. The Pryor's total electrical power consumption is about 2,030 W-hrs. per day. Their consumption is both 12 VDC from the batteries, and 120 VAC from the inverter. DC portion of the consumption is about 1,372 W.-hrs./day, while the remaining

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