In the engineering industry the vertical miller is very widely used, not only for batch production, but also for tool making and the 'one-off' jobs which are so common in general engineering. In the home workshop, where most jobs are 'one-off' the versatility of the machine makes it an important companion to the lathe. This book describes many of the infinitely wide range of operations which can be done, and all those described are illustrated by photographs so that understanding of the methods is assured. These cover work on parts of model locomotives, stationary engines machinery, cutting tools, gears, clutches, etc. Full information is given on the machine accessories which are required, such as various types of cutters and the chucks needed for their mounting on the machine spindle. The use of cheap home-made cutters is shown and encouraged. Guidance is also given on the work-holding devices such as clamps, packings, vices, angle plates, dividing heads, rotary tables, and which of these are needed for particular kinds of work.


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