Edgar T Westbury Engine Plans

Abwood milling attachment 12 Amolco milling attachment and machine 21

Angleplates 80 Angleplate used as backstop 27,29

Arbors for slitting saws and disc cutters 35

Astra milling machine 22

Boring operations 45

Boring heads 30

Chucks, Clare, Clarkson, Osborn 82

Clutch teeth 55

Connecting rods 43

Crosshead slides, engine bedplate 30

Dividing heads, description and principle 54 Plain type, change wheel indexing 55

Myford worm-geared type 57

Use of division plates 57

Use of locating blades 57

Packing block for centre height 57

Steady stand for extra rigidity 56

Dividing heads and gear-cutting 62

Plain type 62

Pinion cutting 62

Large gear cutting 64

Dividing heads and graduated scales


Planing/slotting and rotating tools


Table stops and line length control


Cutting/engraving cylindrical scale


Cutting/engraving flat arcuate scale


Conical micrometer dials


Marking figures of scales right way


Dividing heads and tool-making


Fluting screwing tap


Cutting fine tooth milling cutter


Cutting large countersink


Special division plate, 25 hole


D-bit for hole centring to start drills


Dore-Westbury milling machine

Filing collars and rollers 52

Using rotary table 52

Fittings for rotary table 52

Rounding engine cranks 52

Direction of table rotation 52 Locking precautions for external work 53

Engine bedplate bearing jaws 33

Engine cylinder soleplate 30

Evolution of vertical miller 12

Fluting operations, locomotive rods, correct flute form 44

Rods for British engines 43

Rods for Canadian and American engines 43

Flywheel (in halves) joint face

Gear cutting 62 Grinder for engraving cutters and D-

bits 7 1

Identification of cutters etc. by marking when made 42


Measuring by table screws 46

Written record of measurements 47

Example of beam for model engine 47

Trip gear lever of model engine 48

Boiler tube plates 48

Avoidance of back-lash errors 46

Jigs for milling operations 78

Keyways for plain sunk keys:

Endmilling feather keyways on plain shafts 37 Keyways on taper shafts with tilting angleplate 38

Disc cutter milling of keyways 41

Loctiting for permanent assembly 27

Long components, holding problems 38, 49

Machine specifications, table of 24

Maximat milling attachment 22

Mentor milling machine Milling cutters, multi-tooth:

Early (19th century) 'file-cut' cutters Facemills Endmills Slitting saws Disc cutters Woodruff cutters Brown & Sharpe cutters Tap fluting cutters Angle cutters Milling cutters, single tooth: Flycutters

Connecting rod fluting cutter Profited gear tooth cutters Engraving cutters Milling operations: Flat surfaces parallel to table Flat surfaces square to table Slitting and cutting Component fluting Tool fluting End rounding Gear-cutting Keywaying Woodruff keys and keyways Boring Jig-boring

27 43 62 71

35 43 67 52 62 39

Profiling 49

Engraving 71 Myford-Rodney milling attachment and machine 21

Myford collets 62

Myford dividing head 57


Circular arcs 49

Locomotive frames 49

Smokebox and cylinder saddles 49

Pad-bolts 49

Small arcs derived from curve of endmills 51

Quorn grinder for tool sharpening 83

Quorn grinder, parts of 35,71

Rotary tables 52

Senior milling machine 22 Security of milling cutters:

Forces acting upon drills and cutters 81

Use of drawbars in machine spindles 81

Positive locking of screwed cutters in chucks 82

Positive locking of Tee cutters in chucks 82

Slitting and cutting operations 35

Speeds of milling cutters 74

Tapered sections 29

Throw-away' cutters 83

Twin milling machine 22

Vices, use of two together 27

Westbury, Edgar T. 14

Westbury milling machine 14

Woodruff keys and keyways 38 Work holding for difficult shapes: Use of chucking pieces later discarded 78

Sticky tape for thin articles 78

Glue and paper for thin articles 78 Specially made jigs for difficult shapes 78

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