IAt the cable location, cut a small hole in the wall-board 3 to 4" above the floor using a wallboard saw Pull the cables through the hole, using a piece of stiff wire with a hook on the end Middle-of-run heaters will have 2 cables, while end-of-run heaters have only 1 cable

2 Remove the cover on the wire connection bo* Open a knockout for each cable that will enter the box. then feed the cables through the cable clamps and into the wire connection box Attach the clamps to the wire connection box and tighten the clamp screws until the cables are gripped firmly

3 Anchor heater against wall, about 1" off floor by driving flat-head screws through back of housing and into studs Strip away cable sheathing so at least of sheathing extends into the heater Strip '/" of insulation from each wire, using a combination tool.

4 Use wire connectors to connect the white circuit wires to one of the wire leads on the heater Tag white wires with black tape to indicate they are hot Connect the black circuit wires to the other wire lead Connect a grounding pigtail to the green grounding screw m the box. then join all grounding wires with a wire connector Reattach cover (See also circuit map 13. page 161 )

Clamp screw connection

Clamp screw connection

Grounding screw

f.l.'ii-.- i i'x'1-up: .v i:»k jpjr>;-l (j.»;"h:i':

jfi«"l .jn jr'i«>" !'">r fnVil h'i : |»" livl'i

A. Range receptacle

Choose the Fixtures You Need

A. Range receptacle

B. 20-amp receptacles

(circuits »i & #21 suppl power tot smalt appliances See page- 238

C. Under-cabinet task lights (circuit #"l provide IlliOreSCcnl light loi "ounterio ork 243

D. Microwave receptacle

(circuit Ui supplies ">n cK

E. GFCI receptacles ioro.ii'' »1 & 1 provide protection against shock See page

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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