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Common Wall-switch Problems Wall-switch Basics Single-pole Wall Switches Three-way Wall Switches Four-way Wall Switches Double Switches. Pilot-light Switches Switch/receptacles Specialty Switches Testing Switches for Continuity Fixing & Replacing Wall Switches Dimmer Switches


Common Receptacle Problems Receptacle Wiring. Basic Types of Receptacles Older Receptacles High-voltage Receptacles. Childproof Receptacles &

Other Accessories Testing Receptacles for Power,

Grounding & Polarity Repairing & Replacing

Receptacles GFCI Receptacles

42 Repairing & Replacing

44 Incandescent Light Fixtures

45 Repairing & Replacing

46 Recessed Light Fixtures.

47 Repairing Chandeliers

48 Repairing Track Lights

49 Repairing & Replacing

49 Fluorescent Lights

50 Replacing a Plug.

52 Replacing a Lamp Socket. 56

60 Miscellaneous

Fixing & Replacing Doorbells Fixing & Replacing Thermostats. 62 Repairing Electric 64 Baseboard Heater

66 Repairing Wall-mounted

67 Electric Heater

68 Home Telephone System

69 Inspector's Notebook

70 Service Panel Inspection Inspecting the Grounding 72 Jumper Wire. 74 Common Cable Problems Checking Wire Connections Electrical Box Inspection. Common Electrical

Cord Problems Inspecting Receptacles

& Switches Evaluating Old Wiring

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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