Which Wire Is Hot - Black Or White

Grounding screw terminal

Split-circuit receptacle is attached to a black hot wire, a red hot wire, a white neutral wire, and a bare grounding wire The wiring is similar to a switch-controlled receptacle

The hot wires are attached to the brass screw terminals. and the connecting tab or tin between the brass terminals is removed. The white wire is attached to a silver screw terminal, and the connecting tab on the neutral side remains intact The grounding wire is pig-tailed to the grounding screw terminal of the receptacle and to the grounding screw attached to the box.

Two-slot receptacle is often found in older homes. The black hot wires are connected to the brass screw terminals. and the white neutral wires are pigtailed to a silver screw terminal

Two-slot receptacles may be replaced with three-slot types, but only if a means of grounding exists at the receptacle box

Wiring Black And Silver Screws

Black hot wires

Silver screw terminal

Brass screw terminal

Two cables entering the box indicates middle-ot-run wiring

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