How To Install Electrical Conduit

Three Metal Conduit Variations

EMT lightweight and easv to install ut should not oe used r-er can oe damaged IMC ■eke- galvanized walls an coa choice 'or e*poseo out-jse Rigid metai conduit pr ides the greatest protection tor ou> is more expensive an ■.«res 'hreaded 'i'tmqs

Plastic Conduit Variation

Plastic PVC conduit s allowed o. manv ¡oca' codes it 'S assen-pieo .ut^ solvent ue ano PVC'1 mat'esemoi "en conduit PV ttacheo metal do

Damaged Conduit

How to Install Metal Conduit & THHN/THWN Wire on Masonry Walls

Electrical Conduit Installation

1 Measure from floor to position electrical boxes on wall, and mark location for mounting screws Boxes for receptacles in an unfinished basement or other damp area are mounted at least 2 feet from the floor Laundry receptacles usually are mounted at 48"

4 Measure the first length of conduit and cut it with a hacksaw Remove any rough inside edges with a pipe reamer or a round file Attach the conduit to the offset fitting on the box. and tighten the setscrew

2 Drill pilot holes with a masonry bit. then mount the boxes against masonry walls with masonry anchors Or use masonry anchors and pan-head screws.

5 Anchor the conduit against the wall with pipe straps and masonry anchors. Conduit should be anchored within 3 feet of each box and fitting, and every 10 feet thereafter

3 Open one knockout for each length of conduit that will be attached to the box Attach an offset fitting to each knockout, using a locknut

6 Make conduit bends by attaching a sweep fitting, using a set-screw fitting or compression fitting Continue conduit run by attaching additional lengths, using setscrew or compression fittings

Onan Exciter Circuit Breaker

9 Unwind the fish tape ana extend it through the conduit from the circuit breaker panel out ward Remove the cover on an elbow fitting when extending the fish tape around tight corners

8 At the service breaker panel turn the power OFF, then remove the cover and test for power (page 192) Open a knockout in the panel then attach a setscrew fitting and install the last length of conduit

7 Use an elbow fitting in conduit ns that have many bends, or t require very long wires r on the elbow fitting can ved to make it easier to fish tape and pull wires

Conduits Wiring Building House

Trim back 2" of outer insulation from the end of the NM cable then insert the wires through the loop at the tip of the tish tape

^ Q Clip off the taped ends of I tm the wires Leave at least 2 feet of wire at the service panel and 8" at each electrical box

Trim back 2" of outer insulation from the end of the NM cable then insert the wires through the loop at the tip of the tish tape

4 4 Retrieve the wires through I I the conduit by pulling on the fish tape with steady pressure Note: Use extreme care when using a metal fish tape inside a circuit breaker panel, even when the power is turned OFF

^ Q Clip off the taped ends of I tm the wires Leave at least 2 feet of wire at the service panel and 8" at each electrical box

Wiring a Laundry with Conduit

A typical home laundry has three electrical circuits A 20-amp. 120-volt small-appliance circuit wired with 12-gauge THHN/THWN wire supplies power for the washing machine receptacle and all other general-use receptacles in the laundry area. A basic lighting circuit. often extended from another part of the house, powers the laundry light fixture Finally, a 240-volt. 30-amp circuit wired with 10-gauge THHN/THWN wire provides power for the dryer.

Follow the directions on pages 186 to 187 when installing the conduit. For convenience, you can use the same conduit to hold the wires for both the 120-volt circuit and the 240-volt dryer circuit

Everything You Need

Tools: hacksaw, drill and X masonry bit, screwdriver, fish tape, combination tool.

Materials: conduit, setscrew fittings, masonry anchors, THHN/THWN wire, electrical tape, wire connectors, receptacles (GFCI, 120-volt, 120/240-volt). circuit breakers (30-amp double-pole, 20-amp single-pole).

How to Connect a 30-amp Dryer Circuit (conduit installation)

120-volt receptacle tor washing machine not GFC í protected tenia ft 10 2 page 143>

Pipe 8t

120-volt receptacle tor washing machine not GFC í protected tenia ft 10 2 page 143>

Pipe 8t

How to Connect a 30-amp Dryer Circuit (conduit installation)

How Connect Conduit Wiring

1 Connect the white circuit wire to the neutral setscrew terminal on the receptacle Connect the black and red wires to the remaining setscrew terminals. and connect the grounding wire to the receptcle grounding screw Attach the coverplate

With the main breaker shut OFF connect the red and black circuit wires to the setscrew terminals on the 30-amp double-pole breaker Connect the white wire to the neutral bus bar Attach the grounding wire to the grounding bus bar Attach the breaker panel cover, and turn the breakers ON

Conduit Installation

GFCl receptacle lol^enetai use wire teingVlocalion protei ■ map page

12-gauge wires lor 12C-volt circuit pa^trough box and continu- lo receptac

30-amp 120/240-volt receptacle lor dryer (circuit map 161)


10 circuit Dreader panel

lute single-gang adapter plaiei

Single-gang metal box

10-guage wires are copper black, white, red) for the 120/240-volt circuit

Dryer receptacle

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