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There are many different types of sheet goods, but plywood is the most widely used. Plywood is an extremely versatile sheet material that is made up of thinly sliced layers or plies of wood. Plywood is available in thicknesses ranging from >'. 'to V and is graded A through D. depending on the quality of the wood in its outer plies. It is also graded for interior cr exterior usage. Classifications for plywood are based on the wood species used for the face and back veneers. Group 1 species are the strongest and stiffest. Group 2 is the next strongest

Finish plywood s graded either A-C. meaning it has a finish-quality wood veneer on one side and a utility-grade ply on the other side, or A-A. indicating it has a finish veneer on both sides

Sheathing plywood is graded C-D with two rough sides. and features a bond between plies that is waterproof Plywood rated EXPOSURE 1 is for use where some moisture is present, and plywood rated EXTERIOR is used in applications that are permanently exposed to weather. Sheathing plywood also carries a thickness rating and a roof and floor span index, which appear as two numbers separated by a diagonal slash The first number, for roofing application, indicates the maximum spacing for rafters. The


Species group number




Species group number

The finish plywood grading stamp shows the grade of face and oack veneers species group number. and a moisture exposure rating Mill numbers and product numbers are for manufacturer's use

Roof Sheathing Span Rating

4 Break the plaster along the edges by holding a scrap piece of 2 x 4 on edge ,-ust inside the scored line, and rapping it with a hammer Use a pry bar to remove the remaining plaster

Cut through the lath along the edges of the p*as-1 ter. using a reciprocating saw or |ig saw
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Variation: If the wall has metal lath laid over the vyood lath, use aviation snips to clip the edges of the metal lath. Press the jagged edges of the lath flat against the stud. The cut edges of metal lath are very sharp, be sure to wear work gloves

6 Remove the lath from the studs, using a pry bar. Pry away any remaining nails, and remove any vapor barrier and insulation

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