Installing a Prehung Interior Door

Install prehung interior doors after the framing work is complete and the wallboard has been installed (see pages 132 to 139). If the rough opening for the door has been framed accurately. installing the door takes about an hour

Standard prehung doors have 4'/'-wide jambs and are sized to fit walls with 2x4 construction and W wallboard. If you have 2x6 construction or thicker wall surface material, you can special-order a door to match, or you can add jamb extensions to a standard-size door (photo, below)

Everything You Need:

Tools: Level, hammer, handsaw.

Materials: Prehung intenor door, wood shims. 8d casing nails

Prehung Door Jamb Extension

1".thick jamb extension

Tip: If your walls are built with 2x6 studs, you'll ntser.1 to extend the jambs by attaching IMhick wood strips to the edges of the jamb after the door is installed Use glue and 4d casing nails when attaching jamb extensions

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