How to Support Platform Framing Joists Parallel to the Wall

Framing Basement Walls Parallel Joist

1 Follow directions on page 183. except Build two 4-ft -long cross braces, using pairs of 2 x 4s nailed together Attach the cross braces to the double top plate. 1 ft from the ends, using counter sunk lag screws

Parallel With Longest Wall

2 Place a 2 x 4 sole plate directly over a floor joist, then set hydraulic jacks on the sole plate. For each jack, build a post 8" shorter than the jack-to-celing distance Nail the posts to the top plate. 2 ft from the ends Cover the braces with the cloth, and set the sunnnrt structure on thft iacks

3Ad|ust the support structure so the posts are exactly plumb and pump the hydraulic jacks until the cross braces just beym to lift the ceding. Do not lift too far. or you may damage the ceiling or floor.

How to Support Balloon Framing


Planned rough opening

Floor Opening Not Remove

1 Remove the wall surfaces abound the rough opening from floor to ceiling (pages 172 to 175). Make a temporary support header (called a whaler) by cutting a 2 x 8 long enough to extend at least 20' past each side of the planned rough opening Center the whaler against the wall studs, flush with the ceiling Tack the wfialer in place with 2* screws


Planned rough opening

Elevator Rough Opening

2 Cut two lengths of 2 x 4 to lit snugly between the bottom of the whaler and the floor. Slide the 2 x 4s into place at the ends of the whaler and attach them with nailing plates and 10d nails.

Interior Wall Stud Spacing

3Dr.ll two ¥* ho*es through the whaler and into M Drive shims between the bottom of each 2x4

each stud it spans Secure the whaler with rt x 4' and the floor to help secure the support structure, lag screws

Stud Wall Parallel Joist

second number specifies the joist spacing when plyv/ood is used for subflooring. Some plywood is stamped "sized for spacing." This means that the actual dimensions are slightly smaller than 4x8 ft to allow space for expansion between sheets after installation.

Plastic laminates make durable surfaces for countertops and furniture. Plastic laminates are sometimes bonded to particleboard for use in shelving, cabinets, and countertops.

Strand-, particle-, and waferboard are made from waste chips or inexpensive wood species and are used for shelving and floor underlayment

Foam insulating board is lightweight and serves as insulation for basement walls.

Cementboard is used behind ceramic wall tiles and in other high-mo*sture areas

Wallboard, also known as drywall. Sheetrock. and plasterboard, comes in panels 4-ft. wide and 2. 4. 8. 10, or 12-ft long, and in XT, and thicknesses.

Pegboard and hardboard are made from wood fibers and resins bonded together under high pressure, and are used for tool organization with a workbench and as shelf backing

Sheathing plywood grading stamp shows thickness, roof or floor span index, and exposure rating, »n add;t»on to manufacturer's informaton

Apa Trademarked Plywood



Moisture exposure ^ rating

Roofrtloor span ratings in inches

Product number

Carpentry Wall Framing Rubric

When removing a wall, first shut off and reroute a\ utilities in the work area. Then, tear off Ihe wail surface. exposing ihe framing members Do not cui wall studs until you know whether you are working with a load-bearing wall, or a non-load-bearing (partition) wall (page 109) If the wall is toad-bearing, you will need to install temporary supports (pages 182 to

185) before cutting out the studs After removal of the wall surface, install a permanent header and posts strong enough to carry the structural weight once borne by the wall The posts will oe hidden inside the adjacent walls after the wallboard is patched The header will be visible, but covering it with wallboard win help it blond in with the ceding.

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