How to Install a Prehung Interior Door

1 Slide the door unit into the framed opening so the edges of the jambs are flush with the wall surface and the hinge-side jamb is plumb.

2 Insert pairs of wood shims driven from opposite d Sections •nto the space between the framing members and the hinge-side jamb, spaced every 12* Check the hmge-side jamb to make sure it is still plumb and does not bow.

3 Anchor the hinge-side jamb with 8d casmg nails driven through the jamb and shims and mto the jack stud

4 Insert pairs of shims in the space between the framing members and the latch-side jamb and top jamb, spaced every 12" With the door closed, adjust the shims so the gap between door edge and jamb is wide. Drive 8d casing nails through the jambs and shims, into the framing members.

5 Cut the shims flush with the wall surface, using a handsaw Hold the saw vertically to prevent damage to the door jamb or wall. Finish the door and install the lockset as directed by the manufacturer. See pages 152 to 155 to install trim around the door.

2 Mark the cutting line. Cut through the door veneer with a sharp utility knife to prevent it from chipping when the door is sawed

3 Lay the door on sawhorses and clamp a straightedge to the door as a cutting guide

4 Saw off the bottom of the door. The hollow core of the door may be exposed

5 To reinstall a cut-off frame piece in the bottom of the door, chisel the veneer from both sides of the removed portion

6 Apply wood glue to the cut-off frame, insert the frame piece into the opening of the door and clamp it Wipe away any excess glue and let the door dry overnight.

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