How to Build Solid Hardwood Edges

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Particleboard core

Hardwood edge tr ยป

Corner rounding bit

Laminate top of countertop before attaching edge strip. Attach the edge strip flush with the surface of laminate, using carpenter's glue and finish nails (page opposite)

Mold top and bottom edges of strip with router and edging bit. A desired. Stem and finish wood as desired.

3 Sand edge strips flush with top surface of countertop. using a belt sander and 12-grit sandpaper

ICut t x 2 hardwood strips to fit edges of countertop. Sand strips smooth. Miter-cut inside and outside corners.

2 Attach edge strips to counter-top with carpenter's glue and 3-way clamps Drill pilot holes, then attach strip with finish nails. Recess nail heads with a nail set

Apply laminate to edge and top of countertop after Cut cove edge with a router and cove bit with ball-

hardivood edge has been sanded ttush w bearing pilot Smooth cove with 220-gnt sandpa per Stain and finish exposed wood as desired

Particlcboard coro

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