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Framing Soffits Chases

Dropped Soffit House Duct Work

Your unfinished basement or attic is sure to have beams, pipes, posts, ductwork, and other elements that are vital to your house but become big obstacles to finishing the space. When you can't conceal the obstructions within walls, and you've determined it's too costly to move them, hide them inside a framed soffit or chase. This can also provide a place to run smaller mechanicals, like wiring and water supply lines Soffits and chases are easy to build. A soffit is usually constructed with 2x2...

Building a Custom Laminate Countertop

Exposed Countertop Supports

Build your own durable, beautiful countertop with plastic sheet laminates Plastic laminates are available in hundreds of colors, styles, and textures. A counter-top made with laminates can be tailored to fit any space. Laminates are sold in 6-. 8-. 10-. or 12-foot lengths that are about Yn thick Laminate sheets range in width from 30' to 48V Most laminates are made by bonding a thin surface layer of colored plastic to a core of hardened resins. Another type of laminate has consistent color...