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DIY Survival Sanctuary

Survival sanctuary is a program that expounds on everything essential for the serenity of your homestead. Are you looking for a solution to redesign your house? Well, you are in the right place. James miller discovered this program by using his father's knowledge that he found helpful. It has perfect diagrams and guidelines that make its usability easy. What makes it outstanding among other programs is that it is direct to the point, very insightful, and informative. This program is appropriate for every survivor. It helps make work easier and stress-free. You don't have to worry about lacking household items anymore. It guides people on ways to use common sense in case of an emergency. The program is recommendable and appropriate to all age groups. It is at a very high demand since the rich have also come to a realization that money cannot solve all the problems. If you are going through a midlife crisis, then this program is for you! Read more here...

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Blackout USA

Blackout USA was authored by Alec Deacon, which is geared toward protecting the families from the destruction of the power blackout. The program helps to solve all the outage related problem in the home, thus offer maximum protection. In the families, one would protect his electronics and also ensure that the food and medicinal suppliers have protected from spoiling even without using the fridge. EMP has significant effects on the electronic, but with the program, it would ensure all the destruction is solved. There are many times when the national power grid goes down, and this would affect many families, but with the help of the program, this would ensure that there is an adequate backup for all the electricity. The program is available in the eBook and also hard copy to ensure that one access all the necessary information even when there is power blackout in the country. Also to note is that the product comes with two bonuses which would ensure maximum protection. Read more here...

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Off Grid Survival System

Off Grid Survival System is a guide that will show you how to keep your family well fed, secured and warm withot having to rely on the corrupt energy corporation. Youre going to find out how you can finally take control and free yourself from the monthly bloated energy bill you have to pay. As world nations economy teeters on the verge of collapse and most families now experience economical problem, this method will be the power grid that will continue to work. Its guaranteed in keeping your family safe while facing a disaster time. Frank Mitchell is a member of US Armed Forced and a certified off grid disaster survival expert. You'll learn: Why you should live in modern society but not rely on the corporate power companies to keep your home warm and lit. How to take a queue from our ancestors to save money and increase the safety of your home. They had it right 200 years ago, and then we got lazy. On page 7 you'll learn how to assess the exact amount of power you need to keep your home running just the same as it is right now. You don't have to live like a pauper or a backwoods hippie to get off the grid you just have to be smart, and I'll show you how. How to replace your reliance on propane and natural gas in 1 simple step. Natural gas and propane may seem convenient and cheap right now, but they both have a massive problem. You can't create either one when the utility company stops supplying them to you. All of your gas reliant appliances, like your furnace will be dead in the water when the gas stops flowing. The true value of your hot water heater. Guess what, it's not what you think it is. Your hot water heater is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in your home, but you're using it all wrong right now. You'll see how to turn that big dumb tank into a multi-purpose heating tool using nothing more than some black spray paint and a box. And the best part is you can usually find them for free! How to beat the sun at it's own game and keep your water toasty warm even on the coldest days. Many people think that cold and clouds are the enemy of solar water heating, but when you follow my simple plan on page 16 you'll be able to defy the very laws of nature.The sneaky trick you'll use to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without having to buy a single piece of equipment. All it takes is a roll of duct tape and you'll have everything you need.

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Appliance Consumption in Watthours per day Total Consumption 2704 Watthoursday

This is about 1 5th of average for the grid connected American home. Roger and Ana use propane for cooking and water heating. Their 1,300 square foot home is well insulated and equipped with three systems for space heating. First is passive solar from the greenhouse attached to the south side of the house. Second is a wood fire space heater in the house's main room. And third, a propane space heater that's not often needed.

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So what's stopping forward progress Why is there a new energy crisis all the time Big business is easy. Nor energy crisis - no big profits. No energy crisis - no new toys (nuclear plants, etc.). Wow, the executives are out of a job the banks are worried is this the end HA HA That leaves the last big, big government. Big government needs the energy crisis. It needs the false idea of international conflict over energy to flex its military , economic and political muscles overseas. It uses the same crisis to stir up people at home with false patriotism and bring about economic, social, and political changes for the furtherment of its own ideals of big government at the expense of all else.

How to Choose an Inverter for an Independent Energy System

Incidentally, there is another type of inverter called grid-interactive. It is used to feed solar (or other renewable) energy into a grid-connected home and to feed excess energy back onto the utility grid. If such a system does not use batteries for backup storage, it is not independent from the grid, and is not within the scope of this article.


April 2-7, '01 Solar, Wind, & Water Power For Off-Grid Living Lasqueti Island, BC. Site analysis, system sizing, equipment, appliances, lab exercises, & tours. See COLORADO for Solar Energy International (SEI) access Local housing & logistics Melinda Auerbach, Morewater Road, Lasqueti Island, BC V0R 2J0 Canada 250-3338898 Fax 250-333-8670 melinda lasqueti.net

Photovoltaic systems

As discussed above, the primary energy equivalent of the annual PV yield can offset some to all of the primary energy (fossil fuels and electricity) needed by a house. In the case of an all-electric house (for example, space heating and DHW supplied by a compression heat pump), the PV yield can be directly compared to the electricity consumption by these technical systems. A sophisticated energy-saving concept is a precondition for such a PV application. Figure 14.1.1 shows the relevance of the PV output for different high-performance housing concepts. The light grey arrows indicate primary energy delivered the dark grey arrows point to the primary energy equivalent of the annual PV yield. The width of each arrow indicates the amount of energy. Except for the stand-alone case, all PV systems are grid connected.

WindPV System

I have been a renewable energy buff since the 1974 energy crisis. Windmachines for generating electrical power always fascinated me. In 1974, I bought a 200 Watt 12 Volt windcharger and installed it on a 35 foot steel tower. It generated a small amount of power for the house. At the time, I had 5 24V aircraft 35 Ampere-hour batteries (wired in series to produce a pack of 130 VDC). The batteries fed a 1kW. rotary converter, 130 VDC in and 120 vac out, which ran the house. The 12V output of the wind charger fed a 12V to 120V, 150 watt Tripplite inverter which in turn fed a rectifier driven by a small auto transformer to boost the voltage up high enough to charge the 130V battery.


My current employment and family concerns dictate that I live in the city within easy commuting distance. However, this serves not to lessen my concern for energy and the environment, but to learn how I, as a grid-connected user, can do better and better. To that end, I make the following observations A) When buying a refrigerator, be sure it has a condenser mounted on the back for natural convection. The fan power and noise is thereby eliminated. We chose a unit manufactured by Gibson. B) Electric resistance stoves and dryers are silly. Since natural gas prices have dropped, it's being burned to run steam turbine generators. Thermodynamically, only 43-46 of the energy available in the fuel gets onto the powerline. The electricity user not only pays for the gas, he she pays for all that expensive (I know I used to work on steam turbines generators a row of blades can get into six figures) power station equipment. Bottom line burn the gas directly in your house if you live in the city...


Apr. 23-28, '01 PV for Ecovillages workshop. Basic PV for the off-grid home. Lectures, labs, & hands-on instruction. Eco Village Training Center at The Farm in Summertown. US 550. Camping & lodging available. Solar Energy International (SEI), PO Box 715, Carbondale, CO 81623 970-963-8855 Fax 970-963-8866 sei solarenergy.org www.solarenergy.org

Fuel cells

Fuel Cell Natural Gas

Within a fuel cell, hydrogen reacts with oxygen - pure or extracted from the air - and induces an ion flux through the electrolyte (usually an ion-porous membrane). Electrical power is generated while water is produced as a main reaction product (see Figure 12.6.1). This high-exothermic electrochemical reaction can be carried out at various temperature levels, depending on the type of cell (see Table 12.6.1). The temperatures together with the waste heat from the reformer have to be considered for applications with combined heat and power use (CHP). The electrochemical reaction under real conditions induces a voltage ranging from 0.6 V to 0.9 V DC per cell. Therefore, cells are stacked (connected in series) to reach a useful voltage. In a high-performance house, the DC current is converted to AC by an inverter, comparable to those developed for PV applications. With the exception of autonomous houses, the systems are grid connected. The so-called 'self-sufficient solar house' in...


Feb. 12-17, '01 Line-Ties and More workshop, Sacramento. Basic PV for off-grid applications & utility line-ties. Lectures, labs, tours, & hands-on installation. Co-sponsored by NCSEA& Sacramento Municipal Utility District. US 550. Solar Energy International (SEI), PO Box 715, Carbondale, CO 81623 970-963-8855 Fax 970-963-8866 sei solarenergy.org www.solarenergy.org


Mar. 5-10, '01 PV for Park Services workshop, Phoenix. Basic PV for off-grid applications. Focus on national park public land applications water pumping, gate entry systems, restrooms, etc. Lectures, labs, & hands-on components. US 550, camping available. Co-sponsored by AZ Dept. of Commerce Energy Office & Tonto National Forest District. Solar Energy International (SEI), PO Box 715, Carbondale, CO 81623 970-963-8855 Fax 970-963-8866 sei solarenergy.org www.solarenergy.org

Living Off The Grid

Living Off The Grid

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