Acknowledgements Of A Green Building

The authors would like to thank the Alliance for Global Sustalnablllty (AGS). The AGS was formed In 1994 by three of the world's leading technical and research universities: the University of Tokyo, the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Slncethen, Chalmers University has joined the team of engineers that has developed a new approach to strategically addressing problems affecting the "global commons."

This project has also been made possible through the generous contributions from the Kann-Rasmussen Foundation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), and, for research reported In chapter 5, the Fundagáo para a Ciencia e Tecnología.

The Sustainable Urban Housing In China Project Is a result of collective efforts from the following Individuals and Institutions: Klaus Daniels and Alfred Moser from ETH Zurich's Department of Architecture's Air and Climate Group; Jean Bernard Gay from ETH Lausanne's Institute of Solar Energy Research; Shuzo Murakami and Shlnsuke Kato from University of Tokyo's Institute of Industrial Science; Jiang Yl, Qln Yuoguo, Yuan Bin, Zhu Ylngxln, Wang Peng, Tang Gang, and Wei Qlngpeng from Tslnghua University's Department of Thermal Engineering, School of Architecture, and Tslnghua Design Institute; Long Welding from Tongjl University's Department of Facilities Engineering and Management and Architectural Design and Research Institute; and Carl-Eric Hagentoft from Chalmers University.

The designs shown In this book were created and developed within a series of workshops given by MIT's Building Technology Group In the Department of Architecture. Guiding the workshops were professors Leon Glieksman, Qlngyan Chen, Leslie Norford, Andrew Scott, and John Fernandez, as well as research fellows Julntow Lin and Zachary Kron.

The success of this project Is largely due to student participation. From the first workshop In 1998, students have been actively producing the design and technical Investigations that make up the basis for this project. Students and visiting scholars Include: Winnie Alamsjah, Ozgur BasakAlkan, Camille Allocca, Meredith Atkinson, Becca

Brezeale, Xantha Bruso, Hongyu Cai, Luisa Caldas, Erica Chan, Henry Chang, Catherine Chen, Eva Chiu, Brian Dean, Guilherme Carrilho da Graga, Rocelyn Dee, Shaohua Di, Stephen Duck, Janet Fan, Mingzheng Gao, Lara Greden, Sephir Hamilton, Joy Hu, Elsie Huang, Perry Ip, Yi Jiang, Andy Jonic, Julie Kaufman, Myeoung Kim, Yongjoo Kim, Nobukazu Kobayashi, Sean Kwok, Junjie Liu,Xiaofang Luo,Xiaoyi Ma, Karl Munkelwitz, Eric Olsen, Christoph Ospelt, Sam Potter, Paul Rafiuly, Daniel Steger, Kavita Srinivasan, Carolyn Straub, Pearl Tang, Joli Thomas, Joy Wang, Jesse Williamson, Helen Xing, Jae-ock Yoon, and John Zhai. The editors would also like to thank Jonathan Smith, who developed the Building Energy Calculator program, included on the CD that comes with this book.

Additional contributors to the writing and/or editing of this book include Michael Fox, Zachary Kron, Stephanie Harmon, Guilherme Carrilho da Graga, Sephir Hamilton, Andrew Miller, Ozgur Basak Alkan, Camille Alloca, Luisa Caldas, and Julie Kaufman. Juintow Lin provided the graphic design for the publication. In addition to Lin, Michael Fox, Anshuman Khanna and Yasushi Ishida contributed greatly by providing assistance with figures. The editors would also like to thank Kathleen Ross, Dorrit Schuchter, and Tom Fitzgerald for their assistance throughout the process of putting together this book.

The editors would like to acknowledge the continued encouragement, support, and love of their families in this long endeavor: including Judith, Shayna, Eric, David, Jeff, Tara, Jessica, Carly, Lexi and Julia for Leon Glicksman and Michael, Sha-Li, Lawrence, Buortau, and Shintau for Juintow Lin.

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