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Bruce Harley is the creator of this credit repair magic with an experience in the credit repair industry for more than two decades. He is also recognized in the Nationwide industry expert on the topic of credit repair. There have been thousands of employees who have gained from this system. The credit repair magic was established more than a decade and a half ago. It's effectiveness and usefulness has been applauded by various business companies. With this type of credit repair, the system cannot be handled by any machine, only a human can handle the dispute of the credit, this will allow any other dispute in the coming months as compared to the machine that will only accept another dispute after a total of six months from the previous one. The people handling the dispute are far more likely to initiate an investigation and if you understand what to inform them and how to approach it, the dispute you have can never be deemed irrelevant again. The step by step system will assist you to fix your credit faster than any other credit repair system at any price. This system is guaranteed to work for you. The credit repair magic is found online that is accessible at the click of a button and can be read on any of the electronic gadgets you have. What's more, you will get the updates once the system has been updated automatically. Read more here...

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The Attorneys Guide To Credit Repair

Repairing your credit can be a frustrating task. But with The Attorney's Guide To Credit Repair repairing your credit is a breeze. Everything is fill-in-the-blanks and it works! As a matter of fact, my credit repair analysts use David's system. Get the e-book, use it and shortly you'll be amazed at what you credit report will look like. Here's What's Included! The most effective way to permanently remove both Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy from your credit report! A sure-fire strategy to quickly delete 30, 60, and 90 day late payments from your credit report. The fastest and most effective way to erase charge-offs from your credit report. and how to add tons of points to your Fico Score in the process. A special 'insider secret' almost nobody (except a few 'elite credit repair experts') know about. which makes even the most hard-nose creditors suddenly eager to remove negative information on your credit report. (Note: Once they do you can say goodbye to your credit problems forever!) A simple yet powerful strategy to get rid of judgments and liens. (Note: This strategy works in record time and has Nothing to do with sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus. How to get your creditors to settle your debts for 5 to 10 cents on the dollar. and report the debts in 'Paid As Agreed Never Late' to the credit bureaus. You (save thousands of dollars) in the process, and your Fico Score increases automatically! The undisputed best way to clean-up defaulted student loans. this approach removes negative information on your credit report. and adds tons of points to your Fico Score. How to get the Federal Trade Commission to accelerate your results Credit bureaus not taking your disputes seriously? No problem! Use the Ftc to make the bureaus work faster. I'll show you exactly how. You'll see super fast results when you use this technique. An almost unheard of strategy to quickly delete repos. This techniques works so fast you'll be able to buy a brand new car in 60 days. at an excellent interest rate. How to stop collection agency harassment. Are collection agencies calling you everyday? Do you screen your calls before you pick up the phone? Are you tired of the aggravation? No problem! Here's a 100% legal tactic that will put an end to their nuisance calls in 24 hours. A proven way to get rid of foreclosures that almost nobody (except savvy real estate investors) know about. which works fast. It doesn't matter when you went you went into foreclosure or what bank you're dealing with. How to use small claims court to remove bad credit Have the credit bureaus stopped responding to your disputes? Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: David Shapiro Esq.
Official Website:
Price: $37.00

Ultimate Credit Report Loophole

The Ultimate Credit Report Loophole, is an Amazing secret legal loop hole which can make your Credit Report File or Dmv Record Spotless In 15 minutes. Celebrities often use the techniques of The Ultimate Credit Report Loophole so they can travel incognito. Wealthy people also use these top secret techniques to protect certain assets and businesses from the public eye. Most of the time, they simply pay their lawyer to set up a second file. However, the average Joe or Jane who is struggling with bad credit, stressed on how to rebuild credit or who just got a Dui usually doesnt have that luxuryAnd thats how The Ultimate Credit Report Loophole can come to the rescue and fix everything! Youll learn how celebrities like Paris Hilton can get arrested for Dui and then be driving legally a few days later! Youll learn how to add years of Aaa credit to your file overnight! Youll learn exactly how a dead beat created a new file and instantly eliminated all of his bad marks on Chexsystems. Youll learn all of the legalities and loop holes of the credit industry so youll know Exactly what you should and shouldnt do. Youll learn how to completely avoid bankruptcy and soar with good credit! Youll learn the entire process of how to fix your credit that a select few attorneys and law firms charge thousands of dollars forand youll Laugh at how Simple it is! Youll learn exactly how one man used the information, charged up all his credit cards for a down payment on a popular fast food franchiseAnd within a year paid off all his debt and had over $100,000 cash in the bank!

Ultimate Credit Report Loophole Summary

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Clean Up Your Credit Report

Even as you consider your strategy for buying a home, you should be paying attention to your current credit status. Any lender is going to scrutinize your monthly income and outgo at the time On the other hand, a good credit record requires that you have used credit in the past. Some cash-only buyers find themselves hampered by their own prudence when it comes time to buy a home. If you've A DO-IT-YOURSELF CREDIT CHECK Federal law gives you the right to know what's in your credit files. Before you apply for a mortgage loan, find out whether anything in your record might present a problem. Order a report two or three months before making a loan application to give yourself plenty of time to iron out any wrinkles that you discover. It's wise to check all three major credit bureaus Equifax, Trans Union and Experian for errors. Experian and Trans Union offer consumers in the following states one free report a year Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Vermont. Contact...

Techniques for Helping Your Credit

In today's world, credit is all-important. With good credit you can buy anything, or almost. With good credit you can buy the house of your dreams a bigger house in a better location on a nicer lot. The problem, of course, is what to do when our credit is not quite what it should be. Today, being credit challenged does not usually mean you can't get financing. There is undoubtedly a lender out there somewhere who has a loan for everyone. However, the worse your credit, the higher the interest rate, the more cash you must come up with and the lower the LTV (loan-to-value-ratio of the loan to the value of the property). All of which is to say that your ability to afford the home of your dreams, with credit problems, is greatly diminished. However, there are legitimate ways to improve your credit. Here are 12 techniques that will help both in the long term and in the short run.

Technique 2Verify Your Credit

There are three national credit bureaus Experion, Transunion, and Equifax. They contain input from many other smaller credit reporting agencies around the country. If you've paid your bills on time, that will show up on this report. And if you haven't paid bills on time and have other problems, that will show up as well. Mortgage lenders regularly order a three-bureau report, which sends them your credit from all three. Which is to say, you can't hide bad credit. Therefore, before you apply for a mortgage, probably before you begin house hunting, order a credit report on yourself. (You can do it online see Online Resources at the back of this book.) If you find that there are errors, correct them. The credit bureaus will tell you how. If there are problems, see if they can be fixed (see below).

Technique 3Check Your FICO Score

FICO stands for Fair Isaac and is an independent company that evaluates credit reports by assigning the borrower a numerical rating roughly between 300 and 900. Virtually all lenders use the FICO score. Typically if you score in the high 600s, or higher, you'll get the best financing. Score lower and the financing goes downhill. You can check your FICO score online (see Online Resources at the back of this book) as well as get useful hints on improving it. Components of Your FICO Score How long you've had your credit cards (the longer over 10 years the better)

Technique 11Get Bad Credit Fixed

It's a mistaken belief that you can have all bad credit fixed. Companies that offer to fix or make any credit problem simply disappear, particularly if they charge you a hefty fee for doing it, may be nothing more than scams. On the other hand, some types of bad credit can be remedied, either by doing it yourself, or by hiring a company to do it for you. Some of the bad credit that can be fixed includes Fixable Bad Credit

Your Credit Score

Mortgage lenders, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae now request a mortgage credit score from credit bureaus to help them determine your current creditworthiness and predict what kind of credit risk you will be in the future. The score is determined by a statistical analysis of the information contained in your credit file. A good score may change the time required to get approval on your mortgage as well as the rate you receive and the way in which your mortgage is managed. If you have a good score, you could receive a loan at a lower interest rate than someone with a less favorable score. And later, if you're late on a payment, the lender will also be less likely to hassle you than someone with a questionable score. The analysis takes into account about 100 variables gathered from your credit file at one of the big three credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and Trans Union and specifically looks at such things as how much you are currently in debt, how many places you have applied for credit...

Obtaining Preapproval With a Lender

Now that you've gotten your financial affairs in order and checked out your credit record, the next step is to contact a lender mortgage company, savings and loan, bank or credit union where you can translate all the data into hard facts about the upper price limit you can handle and the types of mortgages suited to your needs.

Earnest Money Deposit

If you don't want your check deposited until the contract has been accepted, write this into the contract. (On the other hand, if a seller balks because he has qualms about your creditworthiness, you could offer to let him have it deposited in escrow to assure him that it will clear.)

Sources of Mortgage Money

The lender you choose will take your loan application, follow through on credit checks, property appraisal, and other details leading to settlement and transfer of title. A lender is likely to be a loan originator who immediately sells your loan and others to secondary-market mortgage buyers and repackagers such as Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, as described above, rather than an institution that lends you money and holds your loan in its own portfolio of investments. An originator will have the promissory note prepared establishing the amount of debt, terms of repayment and interest rate you have contracted to pay and have the mortgage or deed of trust drawn to secure the property for the lender should you default on the note.

The Loan Application Process

You've found the mortgage you want and you're ready for the next step loan application. The process costs money. Lenders levy the fee to cover the costs of running credit reports, filling out mortgage-insurance applications, having appraisals conducted, and the like. Some lenders will charge you a flat fee, anywhere from 100 to 400, while others will charge separately for the different services required. These fees are usually nonrefundable. For budgetary reasons alone, you'll want to avoid multiple applications. But if you feel shaky about the prospects of approval, or want to play one lender against the other for the best rate, you may be tempted to apply to more than one. Don't do it. A lender will almost certainly discover that you've applied elsewhere. After all, you just gave the company the right to examine your credit history including the names and dates of all recent credit-check inquiries. If you applied elsewhere or have been turned down, it will show up on the computer...

Get Ready for Settlement

Expect minor problems and delays along the way. On the seller's side, title problems are a common cause of postponed settlements. On your side, bureaucratic snags such as extensive credit checks and slow appraisals can bog things down. In many cases, there isn't much you or the seller can do but wait. Contact the utility companies about establishing service in your name. Arrange for electricity, gas, oil and water to be turned on in your name on the day of settlement so that there will be no interruption in service. Make these arrangements a few weeks in advance, because utility companies may require deposits, credit checks and advance notice.

Finding Tenants In Dark Times

Who ever wanted to buy a home, even people with bad credit, could now do it. And we had 12 vacant homes. Twelve mortgage payments and other expenses such as property taxes, insurance and maintenance, without rental income to cover them, can be a problem. At an average of 1,200 to 1,500 per property, that amounts to 15,000 to 18,000 per month of cash-flow shortfall we'd have to compensate for. That's tough for anyone to sustain.

The Insiders Guide to Making Money in Real Estate

The Insider's Guide to Making Money in Real Estate explains why real estate is a consistently profitable moneymaker and how everyday people can build their fortunes regardless of their credit score or how much money they have in the bank. It's true you don't have to be rich to invest in real estate. It's the easiest, most leveraged method for building sustainable wealth over time, and it's open to everyone. How to finance your investments with less-than-perfect credit.

Technique 1Change Your Attitude

Many people are surprised to learn that even a few late payments can seriously affect their ability to get real estate financing. The attitude, I'll pay when I'm good and ready, may sound defiant against a creditor whom you dislike, but when those late payments show up on your credit report, your future mortgage lender wonders if you'll say the same thing to it.

Technique 10Dont Have Too Much Credit

Of any of these or even a huge total. But the fact that you've got a car loan, three credit cards (a good number), and perhaps a department store card and you've maintained reasonable balances all suggests you're a good credit manager. And that's what the lenders actually want the most. By the way, don't go to the limit in your credit card charges. It's probably better if you owe half your limit on two cards, rather than your entire limit on one.

Technique 12Explain a Problem

The best way to do this is to be up front with the lender. Don't wait for the problem to surface as part of your credit report. Get it out in the open. And provide the lender with a clearly written letter of explanation. If you have late payments because you were ill, but are now well, tell that to the lender. If you were out of work because of a recession, but have now been employed steadily for several years and have paid back your credit problems, explain it. If you had a foreclosure, explain how it occurred and why circumstances are different now.

Check the Buyers Credentials

If the buyer intends to assume your current mortgage, you must be even more careful than usual about verifying his or her financial stability and credit record. Under some circumstances, if the new owner defaults on the mortgage he assumes from you, you could be held liable.

Government Backed Loans

Creditworthiness, down-payment size and appraisals. you must have adequate income, a stable employment profile and good credit history. You must also plan to live in the home you purchase. FHA loans are assumable. In most cases the FHA will require a credit check on the assuming home buyer. You'll be responsible for the following closing costs discount points, appraisal, credit report, survey, title search, recording fees and VA funding fee. You should not be charged brokerage fees for your loan. On no-down-payment loans, the VA collects a funding fee equal to 2 of the loan at settlement. (This is reduced to 1.5 of the loan amount with a 5 down payment, to 1.25 when the down payment is 10 .)

What Are Mortgage Fees

When the loan fees are actual costs, such as for an appraisal or credit report, they are considered justified. However, when they are simply added on to give the lender a better yield (total return on the mortgage), they are usually called garbage fees. We'll have more to say about them in Chapter 16.

Trapdont Rely On Secondhand Information

Pre-approval takes perhaps a half an hour or so of your time. You contact a lender or mortgage broker (see where to find them in Chapter 4), fill out an application, provide some documentation, and that's it. It might cost you 35 for a credit report (or it might not, depending on how good your lender mortgage broker is), but that's really a very small investment. You'll have your answer in a few days or less.

How Big a Loan

How much you can borrow will depend on your income and the size of your down payment. Job stability, credit references, payment histories and other indications of creditworthiness also are factors. (The down payment required by a lender can be affected by whether the home you are buying is located in an area where prices are appreciating or depreciating. You may be permitted to buy a home with 5 down where prices are rising but be asked to put down 10 where prices are declining. Minimum down payments for adjustable-rate mortgages may be as high as 10 .)

Prepare Yourself

Rules and formulas used to evaluate the credit-worthiness of borrowers vary depending on the type of loan being sought. But whether you are seeking a conventional loan from a savings and loan or a government-backed (FHA or VA) loan from a mortgage company, the less you pay down, the more closely your finances will be examined. Lenders will want to know how many people you are supporting and how old they are. Government rules require lenders to estimate your living costs rather than take your word for it.

Kinds of Loans

Knowing and Understanding Your Credit and Choosing the Mortgage That's Right for You are free, step-by-step guides from the Fannie Mae Foundation (4000 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., North Tower, Suite One, Washington, DC 20016-2804 800-611-9566 www.fanniemaefoundation .org). You may download them online or receive them by mail via phone, mail or online order.


The great thing is we were starting to secure tenants at about the time we were ready to close on homes. We hadn't even closed on Capparro when we had received 1,000 from our tenant. This caused a change in our strategy. The safest way to invest in real estate is to find a tenant with some money but bad credit who wants to buy a house. You would be surprised how many people are in that category.

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Full Refinancing

An owner who trades a 100,000 fixed-rate, 30-year mortgage at 10 for the same loan at 8 is happily saving 144 a month before taxes. Refinancing means paying off your old loan and getting a new first mortgage. Now the bad news. It generally means paying fees for origination, appraisal and credit check, and points, too. Credit report

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