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New Department of Energy

Michael Welch ©2001 Michael Welch

The elections are over, and from the renewable energy (RE) and environmental perspectives, the worse of two evils has definitely become president. I reflect on the part that the Green Party, Ralph Nader, I, and many others may have played in this result.

Did Ralph Nader's votes cause Al Gore to lose the election? The Nader campaign says it was Gore's own fault. While the Democrats were placing blame for their upset outside their own ranks, the Nader campaign was pointing at their poorly run campaign. Nader said that Gore entered the election with "every advantage against a marginal, ill-equipped, and corporate-dominated Texas governor." He continued, "Yet, the Vice President mismanaged his campaign into a deadlock with Bush, and now he has only himself to blame for the Democratic fiasco."

Lack of enthusiasm in the Democratic base hurt the Gore campaign. The abandonment of progressive issues and the failure to address issues important to the public, like renewable energy, corporate crime, WTO-NAFTA, election finance reform, the drug war, and universal health insurance, contributed to the feeling that voting for Gore meant nothing to them.

According to Nader, "In the end, Al Gore made his appeal on one major campaign pitch—that he was not George W. Bush." "That simply was not enough to bring millions of stay-at-home voters to the polls."

Nader supporters wanted to vote for someone they believed in. Also, if Gore lost, or won by only a narrow margin, it might provide a much-needed wake-up call for the Democrats to get back to their progressive roots.

And if Bush won, they hoped that a four-year term of blatant corporate and right-wing support would create a backlash that would propel the environment, and social and economic justice, into the forefront of U.S. politics.

Time will tell, but already there have been demonstrations in the streets and a small resurgence of volunteers, memberships, and donations for environmental non-profit organizations.

Bush DOE Appointee

We are now stuck with a very unpalatable political situation, including the changes that could happen in the U.S. Department of Energy. Spencer Abraham is our new U.S. Secretary of Energy. Between him and his boss, George Bush, things aren't looking up for our energy future.

"What qualifications does Abraham have for this position?" has been a question asked over and over in recent weeks. His visible qualifications include being recently defeated in a race for Michigan Senator, co-chair of the National Republican Campaign Committee, deputy chief of staff to VP Dan Quayle, and one term in the Senate, where he acquired a radically right-wing voting record. In other words, he is not qualified based on any energy background.

His power in his party is huge, and his support among Bush corporate sponsors is solid. After losing the Senate race, he set his sights on an administration position. The Bush transition team had to give him something, and after doling out the other positions, the only thing left in the upper level cabinet was energy secretary. It looks like we are stuck with him, and there was very little fight over his nomination. Folks had no smoking gun that could block his appointment, and most of the media attention was focused on other appointments, especially attorney general nominee John Ashcroft.

It is odd that nobody sees the need to have an energy secretary with experience in the energy field. Pundits are saying it is enough to have someone with the management skills to handle a large department. Not even environmentalists or RE supporters are saying he can't do the job.


Abraham's environmental record is horrible. Though he hasn't had a lot of chances to deal with energy issues, he has been against funding for RE, against better mileage standards for vehicles, and in favor of gutting standards for the storage of nuclear waste. His lifetime League of Conservation Voters (LCV) record is a dismal 6 percent, and more recently, 0 percent. He made the LCV's "dirty dozen" list of candidates with the worst of environmental records, whose races should be strongly opposed.

Abraham is a founding member of the radical right Federalist Society, which is dedicated to rolling back federal laws protecting environment, natural resources, public health, civil rights, occupational health and safety, and labor rights. He was also a sponsor of a bill that would have entirely eliminated the agency he now heads. But now the Bush administration states that the energy issues facing our country are important, and that Abraham no longer wants to kill the DOE.


Abraham's love for the auto industry is very troubling, and they really like him too. In a Washington Post article, Debbie Dingell, president of the General Motors Foundation, said, "He understands the energy issues more than people think." "When you come from Michigan, you pay attention to these things," Dingell said.

Of course, understanding energy issues from the corporate auto industry viewpoint is a lot different than from the common citizen's viewpoint. It was exactly that difference that caused him to lose his U.S. Senate race in Michigan. A last minute campaign to publicly expose the truth about his environmental record is what did him in. That loss freed him up to become available for the secretary of energy position.

The Edison Electric Institute, an association of utility companies, is also happy with his appointment. With Abraham's record of corporate support, no big companies or their lobbyists seem displeased. I guess there are a few blessings to be counted. It is a good thing he wasn't appointed to the transportation secretary position. Imagine the damage he could do on behalf of the auto industry in that department.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Many are afraid of the energy policy that Abraham will want to implement. Bush, his boss, has made it very clear that he wants to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and gas exploration. This is the one of the biggest issues that mainstream environmental groups are focusing on.

Abraham has voted against the refuge's sanctity in the past. And this is what he had to say in early January about opening the refuge, "We have vast resources within the United States, and these are crucial to our country's security." He believes we can open the ANWR to oil and gas exploration, "while meeting our responsibilities as good stewards of the land, the air, and the water." Yeah, right.

But it may be difficult for the Bush administration to open up ANWR. In the final days of the Clinton administration, environmental groups put a lot of pressure on Clinton to further protect ANWR by executive order. But Clinton would not do it, saying that the protections already enacted by Congress were more powerful than what he could do by executive order. According to the Clinton administration, it would take a further act of Congress to allow drilling, and the Congressional balance of power may not allow such a bill to pass.

California's Crisis

The other issue that is knocking at the door of the new DOE is the reliability of our country's electricity supply— particularly in California. Bush has made it clear that he does not want to intervene any further, and that it is actually California's problem to solve. On the other hand, Abraham and Bush agreed to extend emergency orders for an additional two weeks until February 7. They agreed on the extension based on Governor Gray Davis' promise that that would be all that was necessary. (For more info on the California energy crisis, see Ozonal Notes, From Us to You, and IPP in this issue.)

Bush and Abraham did recognize that California's local problem is affecting the whole nation, and that it may not be localized for long. California is not the only state to be lagging in power plant construction, and not the only one slated for utility restructuring. The Bush administration wants more power plants, and has hinted that it may be willing to relax environmental standards so that plants can be licensed and built more easily and quickly. One thing is for sure—it would take a miracle for the Bush administration to push for RE as the best answer for developing new power plants.

In the meantime, activists in the RE world and environmental movement are gearing up, forming coalitions, and getting ready to incorporate the public backlash that many are predicting. Between the California energy "crisis" and ultra-conservatives taking over the White House in a barely legal coup, the environment, energy conservation and efficiency, and renewable energy may get a solid boost after all.


Michael Welch, c/o Redwood Alliance, PO Box 293, Arcata, CA 95518 • 707-822-7884 [email protected]

Alaska Wilderness League, 320 4th St. NE, Washington, DC 20002 • 202-544-5205 Fax: 202-544-5197 • [email protected] • Info on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the campaign to save it

League of Conservation Voters, 1920 L St. NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20036 • 202-785-8683 Fax: 202-835-0491 • [email protected]

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Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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