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Many readers have written us that _

Home Power is worth money, that we should charge a subscription fee for this information, and folks don't respect what they don't pay for, etc. Well, Home Power is still free. We'll mail it via Third Class US Mail to anyone who's interested. Free. Why? Because there is more at stake here than just a magazine. We are publishing Home Power because we know that renewable resources offer this planet the energy solutions we critically need. Home Power is our attempt to influence the future of our planet.

We do hear all of you who are complaining about the Third Class service that the US Post Office offers. Well, the USPO considers Home Power advertising junk mail. As such, Home Power moves last, is not forwardable, and can be trashed if the Post Office has trouble delivering your copy (imperfect address or whatever). We tried to get Second Class magazine mailing status from the Post Office, but were refused because our parent company (Electron Connection) is in the renewable energy business. So if we want to distribute Home Power free, there is only one avenue-Third Class mail.

Cheer up, we do offer a solution: First Class Home Power. I guess you could call it a subscription, except for the fact that we'd mail it free to you anyway via 3rd Class. First Class Home Power means that we'll send you a years worth of issues (6) via FIRST CLASS US MAIL, in a protective envelope, for twenty bucks. Now to be honest, the magazine will make some money on this transaction, and this money will be dedicated to making Home Power magazine grow. More pages, more info, more durable paper and who knows, maybe a color picture someday... For your twenty bucks you get faster, more secure, forwardable delivery of your year's issues (also with address correction should you move and forget to tell us). And you help Home Power spread the word about renewable energy resources. If you want to help out Home Power, if you feel that HP's info is worth something, or if you just want your copy quickly & securely, then First Class Home Power is for you. One more thing, if you should let your 1st Class Home Power subscription lapse, then we will automatically put you back on the free Third Class mailing. Incidently, if you have made a donation to Home Power of $20 or more since the magazine started (Nov 87), then you are now and forever a First Class Home Power Person. As such, you get HP via 1st Class mail from now on with our compliments and sincere thanks.

Richard, Karen & the Crew

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Solar Power

Solar Power

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