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Rates: 50 per CHARACTER, include spaces & punctuation. $10 minimum per insertion. Please send check with your ad. Your cancelled check is your receipt.

JACOBS WIND ELECTRIC replacement parts, new blades, and blade-actuated governors. We make replacement parts, and have new blades, for most all wind generators, pre-REA to present models. Many used parts, too. Lots of used equipment available: wind generators, towers, both synchronous and stand alone inverters, and Aermotor waterpumpers. Best prices on TRACE inverters. Information: $1; specify interests. Lake Michigan Wind & Sun, 3971 E Bluebird Rd., Forestville, WI 54213 Phone: 414-837-2267.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY EQUIPMENT CATALOG. Everything for stand alone power generation, PV's, Hydro-Electric, Wind Generators, Inverters, Water Pumps, Regulators, Refrigeration, Tools, Books, and much more. 92 pages with design guides. $3. US, $6. foreign: WESCO, Box 936-HP, REDWAY, CA 95560

REMOTE LAND AVAILABLE through government programs. Any U.S. citizen can use these little known laws to get that place in the sun. For information send $1.00 to Ridgehaven PO Box 862 Glen Ellen, CA 95442

COMPLETE SOLAR ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS. We offer the EchoLite photovoltaic power package: designed to provide modular components for easy installation, secure mounting and quick access. Perfect for remote sites, homes, RV's & marine applications. Free Brochure. Sunwater: 219 Van Ness Ave. Santa Cruz CA 95060 408/4232429

FREE CATALOG OF 12-VOLT PRODUCTS! Plug into cig. lighter or clip directly to battery. Lantern, Vacuum, Hair Dryer, Chainsaw, Bug Zapper, Drill, Fan, VCR, Fry Pan, Microwave, Refrigerator, Toaster & many more! P.O. Box 664-HP, Holland, PA 18966. 1-215-355-0525

SOVONICS P200 22 WATT PV MODULES: $115. each. Add $5 shipping for individual panels sent anywhere in the lower 48. Buy 2 or more panels and we pay ALL shipping costs. Best prices on TRACE inverters. Info: $1 Lake Michigan Wind & Sun, 3971 E Bluebird Rd., Forestville, WI 54213 Phone 414-837-2267

DISTRIBUTORS WANTED - MULTI-PURE DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS. This is the right product at the right time. Soaring demand for pure drinking water creates exploding industry. Solid opportunity with high integrity industry leader. Advanced water filters gives pure drinking water for pennies a gallon. Great support network. Full or part time employment. Write or call for free information today. Clean Water Network, POB 272C, Ashland, OR 97520 1-800-888-0905

REMOTE 2BD/1.75 BA. HOME, self-sufficient, generator & 12V system, water cachement, sweeping coastline view, 3600 elevation, grow year round, extensive vegie garden, bearing fruit trees. Baker POB 6189 Captain Cook, HI 96704

LIFE PARTNER SOUGHT: SHE will love; the land, trees, mountains, change of weather, cold nights (with a warm partner), warm days, semi-self sufficiency, animals, people (in limited numbers), be; 35 to 50±, slender to medium, healthy, pretty, spiritual, open minded, nonsmoker who is ready to give and receive. ME; outdoorsman (x-c skier, hikes, camps etc.), active, educated, 5'10", 185#, young 40's, live in self built solar home (active, passive), health oriented, positive, warm, intense, dry humor, monogamist, open minded, divorced 6 years, 2 good children part time, wanting to share learning, loving, traveling, home, hugs, life, emotions with similar lady who wears little makeup, often jeans, if she has a hairdryer it's low voltage. This high energy sensitive man will make it worthwhile. Photo appreciated/ returned. Carl Weil 2477 Co. Rd. 132 Elizabeth, CO 80107 303-646-3213

12 VOLT TOOLS! Bench grinder-sander $39 Cordless drill $49 Table saws, wood and metal lathes, drill press, skill saw and more. For catalogue send $5 US $8 Foreign. Appropriate Technology Rt1 Box 393 Ava, MO 65608

LEARN TO TRAP, FARM, DREAM. Five Issues $9. Living Among Nature Daringly Magazine, 4466 Ike Mooney Rd., Silverton, OR 97381 Samples: $2.50.

ENERGY SPECIALISTS Best Published Prices Anywhere. We carry a full line of ARCO photovoltaic products, inverters, energy efficient appliances, Yamaha generators as well as hydro-electric equipment. SPECIAL: Solavolt, 9 watt panels, fully warranted. $80.00 plus tax & shipping. For your energy needs whether it be starting a system or expanding your existing power, contact us at area code (916) 392-7526 or write to P.O. Box 188710, Sacramento, California 95818. Catalogues are available for $5.00 each postage paid.

SIBIR GAS REFRIGERATORS, SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEMS, kits with complete directions, PV modules, inverters, batteries, all at great mail order prices plus expert design assistance. Will match most any sale price. Send $12 for my book, "Solar Electricity for the Remote Site Home" - Fowler. For free catalog, briefly state your potential use or need. FOWLER SOLAR ELECTRIC INC., P.O. Box 435, Worthington, MA 01098. 413-238-5974.

HOT WATER SYSTEMS MADE SIMPLE, installation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting. Solar Drain down, Drain Back, Thermosyphon, Bread Box and Wood Stove, all illustrated. Five dollars each, mail to Canyon Teck P.O. Box 1208 Georgetown, CA. 95634.

$1/watt WIND GENERATORS, windmills, WATERLESS COMPOSTING TOILETS, PV's, DC MOTORS, Grain Mills, Inverters, Well Pumps, Refrigerators, Hydro, Tankless & Solar Water Heaters. Cordless ELECTRIC TRACTORS mow 3 acres on a charge. Also remove snow, rototill, weld, run power tools using renewable energy. Lots of used equipment. Catalog $3. KANSAS WIND POWER, R 1-HP, Holton, KS 66436. 913-364-4407

CLOSE-OUT SPECIAL: ARCO SOLAR "TRI-PANEL" 3 40 WATT MODULES for the PRICE OF TWO, INCLUDING RACK, PRE-WIRED! 7.5 AMPS AT 12-16V. $675 freight-paid, 5 year warranty. VERY LIMITED SUPPLY. CALL for availability and quantity discounts. FLOWLIGHT SOLAR POWER (505) 753-9699. See our ad on page 22.

HEART 2500 WATT CASCADABLE INVERTER, 24 volt input, excellent condition, $800, plus shipping. James Crewdson, P.O. Box 870278, Wasilla, AK 99687, (907) 373-3803


Here's at post card Home Power received from our friend Steve McCarney. Steve is an instructor at Colorado Mountain College's wonderful Solar program (write: CMC, 3000 County Road 114, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 or call 303-945-7481) .

Greetings from the Altiplano of the Andes, Down here (up here at 13,000 feet above sea level) home power means a whole different thing. Most have no electricity and many still cook traditionally over fires fueled with dung or whatever. Bottled gas is a luxury. So you can imagine the interest when a gringo arrives with PVs. Have just installed PV vaccine refrigerators (SunFrost) in three North Chile health centers. Also setup some solar powered insolometers in Bolivia and did a little maintenance & trouble shooting of a home PV in Peru (TV, radio, lights) while preparing a Flowlight pump installation.

Power to All, Steve McCarney

Solar Power Sensation V2

Solar Power Sensation V2

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